The Race for Barclays Premier League Hots Up

With Manchester United losing their last two games to Liverpool and Fulham, the finale of this seasons Barclays Premier league promises to be an edge of the seat affair now. By winning their own two matches that included a thumping 4-1 away victory at Old Trafford, Liverpool has made it pretty clear that they want to take the fight for the silverware till the very end. The dropping of points by the Red Devils also means that Chelsea and Arsenal can also consider giving themselves an outside shot at the title.


Though the pundits seem divided upon this, the fans and the lovers of “The Beautiful Game” are in for in cracking month of absolute adrenaline pumping football with teams trying to strategise and maximise performances for the last few games. It is also expected that in the light of current results the betting market is also expected to heat up, given that till now Man United seemed favourites defend the title comfortably. Supporters of Manchester United believe that the one game in hand they still have in hand as compared to the rest of the teams will prove to be the difference in the end as they would be able to strategise better given the performance of the rest of the teams. The pundits agree that the game in hand would come in handy if Man United is able to bounce back from the twin defeats and get their act together. Their manager Sir Alex Ferguson is known to be a hard taskmaster and would go to any lengths to take his team out of shaky waters. It seems that Man United’s success will depend on the coming 3 matches against Aston Villa, Arsenal and Tottenham because quite simply what they need to do is win their own games without caring about statistics and they would be through. It’s important to note then that these matches are at home, where they have an enviable record. But they will need to considerably lift their game and more importantly their morale because these three teams are not going to make it any easier for them knowing the pressure they are under.


On the other hand the Liverpool fans have a simple argument. They say that their team will win simply on form. They have scored 12 goals in 3 matches, their enigmatic captain Steven Gerrard is in prime form and the players are playing with a belief that they can take the team to the title after a long wait of 18years. They have a strong point too, while Liverpool have looked the champion side, Man United has looked pretty average to say the least. The players have played without imagination and they have remained one step behind in the two games, something that is not expected from a team like that. The pundits say that Injuries to key players will also be a major factor for Man United while maintaining that the title is still for them to lose.


A similar scenario exists at the bottom of the table where mathematically any 3 of the bottom 10 teams can be relegated. Though its difficult for Chelsea and Arsenal, they would be watching the numbers as also the performances of Liverpool and Man United closely. Though this has made the things for the teams and coaches that much more complex and tough, it augurs well for the fan who is sure to get his money’s worth in the coming days. So get your football boots all ready to cheer for your favourite team


Mridul Kumar

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