The RCB Need a Few More Sackings

Finally, the reason for Charu Sharma’s sacking is known. He committed the major blunder of not communicating Dr Mallya’s wish to include Misbah in the playing eleven to the team management. And although it was Dravid’s decision to bench the Pakistani, Charu really deserved it. After all, what is sport without a few scapegoats? Dr Mallya deserves a lot of kudos for not having the guts to take his ‘icon’ player on.

The team has responded well to the sacking by being consistent in its performance. The skipper led from the front. Dravid’s efforts to ‘get his eye in’ during the middle overs was a crucial moment in the game. His handling of Ganguly ensured that Bangalore continued to separate itself from the rest of the pack.

The pressure is again on Dr Mallya. The skipper has run out of excuses for his ‘test team’s’ splendid run in the IPL. The owner needs to make a few more sackings to justify his team’s performance to the fans. As of now, the coach is safe and the captain untouchable. Having removed the big kahuna last time, Dr Mallya can now move to the bottom of the food chain. He should sack the guy who handles the team cricket equipment. After all, the team’s cricket bats haven’t behaved well so far.

And then, he can move to the others. Sack someone after every defeat. The conditioning coach for not ensuring the bodies were moving perfectly. The assistant coaches for the team’s batting, bowling and fielding. The bus driver for….well, we will think of something after he gets sacked.

The team has six games to go and we could be set for an interesting finale after the team’s final game. Dr Mallya should top everything he has done so far by sacking himself. That would be one sacking that no one is going to complain about.

Avnish Anand