The Retro Tele

Let’s get back to the era when days were incomplete without Hum Paanch, Disney Hour and Just Mohabbat!


That day, I was sitting with my friends, expressing melancholy over the present television entertainment.


Doordarshan or DD1, as it is fondly known, might be the least watched channel today. But if reminisced, its influence in the 90’s was better, in fact the best and enjoyable of what it is today. Sunday mornings were dedicated to the great legends viz Shri Ramayana and Mahabharata. The television, in our Bharat des, received the highest viewings during those weekend dawns, than any other hours of the week.


In this saga of saas-bahu, maa-beta, devar-devarani, and more such tele- creative entities, it is indeed a breeze of fresh air to recall stuff like ‘Hum Paanch’ and ‘Disney Hour’. My luncheons and supper were immaculately incomplete without the above stated.


I don’t know why, but every retro teen of this country had formed a bond, with the conventional evening milk and ‘Disney Hour’. ‘Duck tales’, ‘The Three Stooges’ and ‘I Dream of Jennie’ were a crucial part of their lives. ‘Small Wonder’, another such retro gem, was unknowingly nominated for the worst TV show in the states. On the contrary, in India, the dubbed version was one such comedy series which always tickled our femur bone.


The list goes endless. Now there was this only hip show in town. Yes, it’s indeed ‘Hip Hip Hurray’. It carries a cult following even today. Thanks to you tube for providing some extinct episodes of that one. One factor that was quiet penchant amongst serials in those days was that there existed a genuine feel. A commoner could place himself in any characters of the weekly shows and find something alike. Soaps today, particularly the K’s one, are indeed devoid of facts. There is no end to the heinous characters of Tulsi and Parwati. Though they say, that their stories are common in every home ( Kahani ghar ghar ki), but that’s just their fling to catch viewers.


It’s really shameful and disappointing that a society, that grew on legendary shows like ‘Hum Log’ and suspense flicks like ‘Karamchand’ is accepting the ‘spine protruding box ‘as it is being offered. At the same time it’s shocking to know that Ekta Kapoor, the mother queen of international saas-bahus was once the creator of hit shows like ‘Hum Paanch’!


The same story is with horror flicks. The gratification I used to get while watching ‘Zee Horror Show’ and ‘X-zone’ without my parents knowing or even front of them is unexplainable. Now the horror shows today, if any left, are more comedy and less horror. Thus are being regarded as underage entertainment, which were formerly rated as PG.


Any how, the truth is that we are past the era of Dekh Bhai Dekh and far from making F..R.I.E.N.D.S. Hence there’s very little hope of repeating the past or touching the future.


Mayank Bhayana




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