The Ring 2

A spine chilling and throat tightening thriller! Yes! You might have all the chivalry, but this movie would make you cringe and hide your face behind someone’s back atleast at one time. It is completely intriguing and you would sit through the whole movie till the screen flashes up with THE END.

Brought into theatre on March 18th 2005, the movie serves as a sequel to THE RING, which bears resemblance to the Japanese movie RINGU. It won accolades as it completely met the expectations of many. With same co-stars anchoring the sequel, the movie this time came out with more enigmas and an expounded insight into Samara’s (Kelly Stables) unfolded past. This time the story revolves around Rachel Keller (Naomi watts) and her son Aidan (David Dorfman). We see an inquisitive mother who desperately wants her possessed son to be back and she consistently takes up the lead. With Samara’s re-arrival, the story opens up the pandora box but this time it’s not just the cursed videotape. She is all the more powerful and this time she wants a mother and inhabits Aiden.

The movie picks up six months after the first movie ends. Rachel Keller and her son have moved to Astoria hoping to get away from the haunting terror of Samara but when she hears about the first homicidal case in town and discovers the deformed expression of horror on the corpse’s face, she knows what is up and is thrilled. She knows Samara’s back and has been looking for her. Back at home, Aiden is beginning to get hypothermia, his body peculiarly cold and covered with bruises. He acts odd and queer, and eventually the truth comes out much to the astonishment and apprehension of his poor yet persistent mother. The story moves on to culminate if Rachel succeeds in getting her son back or Samara completely acquires him, opening up lots of entangled and unsettled mysteries.

Hideo Nakata (the director) has done a prolific and applaudable job and had brilliantly built suspense through creepy visuals, heart pounding paces and carefully and meticulously crafted revelations of the story line. There is a scene in the well that successfully personifies the articulate approach and the impressive technical wonder.

Naomi Watt has also done a worthwhile job and has portrayed her character well virtually till the end, quenching her insatiable desires to know and apprehended and intimidated by Samara’s horrors. Other characters have also given an equally credible performances, be it Sissy Spacek (Samara’s mother) who had a cameo role in the movie, Gary Cole and all others.

The cinematography by Gabriel Beristain is splendid and the sound team of James Ashwill, Thom Brinnan and John T. Cucci is also commendable that orchestrates the whole movie and makes it much more enthralling and adventurous. Rick Baker, the makeup artist has come out with a terror stricken and gruesome creepy Samara giving her looks that could render anyone appalled. The CGI and special effects are also meritorious with computer generated deers in the movie looking virtually legitimate.

However, many critics point out the loopholes saying this sequel is completely off-plot when compared to the original THE RING. First of all, they say the cursed videotape is seen nowhere but in the beginning in the whole movie when it was apparently the most crucial elements in THE RING. Second of all, the movie takes up an ambiguous hold when it is unleashed Samara is scared of water. How can this be justified when she uses water as a means of transportation? Moreover, we see lot of unsettled mysteries in the movie, as in why Samara saw a mother in Rachel and what made her possess Aiden? There are so many mysteries still unsolved which perhaps make the movie unclear.

The RING 2 is perhaps a little less fraught with scary images, but it makes an excellent use of various filmic techniques to achieve adrenaline stimulation. It has won 2 awards and 5 nominations.The movie does grip its viewers with all its creepiness and intimidating events. It is professional, artistic and well crafted to keep each viewer profusely fascinated and enthralled.

To anyone who is a horror freak, it is a must watch! Believe me, if you actually want to experience horror, this is it!

Silky Agarwal

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