The Rising of Phoenix: Status of Indian Women

rising-of-the-phoenixThe era was ancient,

The life was magnificent
Women holding a mighty sword,
Had a love affair with the words.


Women were strong,
Walking along,
Were not in the woods,
Equal to men they stood.


Then came the Middle Ages…
Once upon a time, women were the sages
But then they were put in to the cages.


Women had a status in history,
But here the life was a misery,
From the sages and seers,
They were slaves in tears!


There was no pleasure, no desire,
End of life with the husband’s pyre.


No where there was relief
Life was full of grief!!


Now the Era is modern
With a resolution.


There is a mission,
To fight tradition,
To make volition,
To improve condition.


Enough of being a crier,
We will acquire what we desire,
Will go higher and higher…..


Khushboo Luthra

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