The Royal Navy’s Nukes Are Poorly Guarded, Says Whistleblower Navy Technician


Do you have any idea how close you are to a nuclear disaster every single minute?” – The explosive by-line to a document that could blow the lid off the United Kingdom’s nuclear Trinity programme.

The latest whistle-blower is William McNeilly, a Royal Navy Engineer who published an 18-page report on the poor safety systems behind Trident, the United Kingdom’s submarine-launched nuclear missile programme.

The document lists incidents such as security lapses that allow dozens of visitors and their belongings access to classified military equipment without a proper ID verification system in place. He even mentions an occasion where there was a fire in the missile control room that emerged from the fire-extinguishing systems being engaged by accident! According to unnamed technicians cited in the report, the accident was just one of many that have convinced some that the Vanguard is cursed!

McNeilly has claimed in his report that ‘terrorists had infiltrated every nation on earth’ and that the kind of warfare they were now capable of doing needed the old systems to be restructured. His report certainly speaks poorly of the security around Britain’s nuclear missiles – and perhaps of the Trident system as a whole.

Among the submarines the engineer speaks of is he HMS Vanguard – flagship vessel of the Trident system. The Vanguard made headlines in 2010, when it collided with a French nuclear submarine in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Navy officer is expected to face charges of treason and divulging sensitive information. He has not reported to work since publishing his report online – which he says he forwarded to newspapers, journalists and whistle-blowers. “I’m realising this information in this way because it’s the only way I can to be sure it gets out. I raised my concerns about the safety and security of the weapon system through the chain of command on multiple occasions.”

McNeillyhas said he will hand himself over to the police on May 18.

Varun Ramesh

Image Source: The Viewspaper