The Ruthless Loss Of Our Humanity, Let The Brutality Begin

Jalli-kattuElections were held and I am nothing but pleased with the outcome of the results. While Mamata Banerjee took the oath again for West Bengal, Jayalalithaa managed to hold her reins of reign more firmly. But what if, the opposition party DMK would have won the polls in Tamil Nadu?

Did he promise better roads, better education, more employments or more freebies? No, he promised nothing of this sort, the DMK chief M. Karunanidhi promised to revive the ‘beloved’ festival of Jallikattu, if he comes to power. The bulls can now rest in peace. If he didn’t promise to revive the staggering economy of the state, he didn’t promise to uphold humanity too.

Jallikattu is a bull taming sport that enjoys a lot of attention in the state of Tamil Nadu, as one of the festivities involved during the Pongal festivals. The bull is tied, force fed alcohol, thrashed, and is constantly attacked by a frenzied mob of people who are trying the subdue the might of a bull. All to prove the masculinity. Is taming of an animal proves one to be masculine while unleashing the heinous animal within?


When caste is a major vote-bank, how can animals who are toughened for brutality be left behind. In a bid to gain more votes, the DMK chief presented the idea of uplifting the ban placed on the sport in 2009, hoping to pull a chord of emotional attachment people have whilst upholding a 1000 year old tradition.

Due to the incessant demands of the locals who feel ‘connected emotionally’ to the sport, on January 8, 2016, the Centre issued special notification permitting Jallikattu under certain conditions. When the life of the bull is all theirs to take, there’s no other option left but to rejoice the specific notification of the judgment, while slapping humanity and morality in the face.

Amidst the protests, majorly by PETA, and certain persistent still-not-lacking conscious of few leaders, the Supreme Court stayed the condition on January 12, 2016, rebuking the Centre for its heinous take on the issue.

Belonging to a country where dogs are thrashed, run over by vehicles and are left to die, does this ‘taming’ of a bull is too major a deal? Had it been a cow festival, I am not wrong in expecting that the entire nation would have unleashed its wrath on the festival. Tradition or not, cow is our mata, and nothing should harm her. Well, at least the country is not biased towards the idea of biasness. Yes, we are a biased country and we will prejudice against everything that is living or may now be dead.

What justifies the inhumane act of using animals as source of entertainment, and as beings that can be ridiculed at any time whatsoever? Why are we so reluctant to respect the idea of a life, no matter whether it’s of human or an animal? How many animals would have to be sacrificed just because humans plan to be merciless and careless?


The sanctity of life should be respected and protected. We shed tears while recalling the Shaktiman instance, or when two lions were shot dead in Chile because a man wanted to end his life by being their food, or the more recent shooting of a gorilla in Cincinnati because a mother dropped her baby. But, are we doing enough to protect them?

Isn’t keeping them hostages in zoos not enough that they have to be sacrificed for mere humans who would torture them brutally if they had the chance?

Yugansha Malhotra

The Viewspaper