The sad state of democracy in India

Democracy at stake in India is something I would like to discuss today.  Democracy is a political government which is actually directly carried by the people or by means of some representatives elected by the people.  Whenever we come across the word democracy, the first thing that strikes our mind is the lesson learnt back during our school days, of the people, by the people and for the people coined by the American President, Abraham Lincoln.

India happens to be one of the largest democratic nations in the present world and is also supposed to have one of the bulkiest constitutions.   On a personal scale, I feel that the role of a citizen is just restricted to one INK-DOT on the middle finger that appears every five years.  The people’s representative make innumerable promises before being elected and they truly stick and act according to the three phrases coined by Abraham Lincoln and this cordial attitude enthralls the citizens heart.  Once the representative is elected, the first few months are spent in settling down and getting familiarized with the his people in the cabinet and then they start reviewing the promises made and slowly realize their folly and go back on their promises.  Though this does not happen always, it does do most of the times.  The representative sometimes fulfills or at least make an attempt to fulfill a few of the promises made during his first tenure.  During his second tenure his confidence builds up and rather than “for the people, by the people and of the people”, the phrases start sounding “government of mine, for me and by me”.  The citizens totally unaware of this re-elect him for the second time only to be ditched by him.

The Congress formed the government in the year 2004 and it demonstrated its capability until 2009.  Due to its several good policies, it came back to power in 2009 both at the center and also in a few states.  However, things started getting disturbed eventually.  One such state is Andhra Pradesh in south India.  It all started with the late Chief Minister Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy who died in a helicopter crash and a weak chief minister Rosiah taking his seat.  It has clearly come out and opened the eyes of the citizens that it had been a one man show all the while.  Now with his death, several anti-social elements from other political parties started barking.  Yes, I do call them anti-social elements mainly because of the massive public inconvenience and destruction they have been causing for the last one month.  The issue has been for the want of a separate state called Telangana.  The man who started this issue is known for his notorious background and also for his frequent flip-flop attitude but still you have queues of people following him and still believing him.  Added to this, the educated lots who are considered to be the top guns of the nation in the future are taking to public rallies, demonstrations and public destructions and inconvenience without understanding the turmoil they are causing to the state.  They are failing to understand it would only worsen the situation.  As if this were not enough, the latest development in the state is the mystery behind the death of the former chief minister and the Ambanis being blamed for it.  Then started the public property damage and this time it was by the ruling government.  I fail to understand one thing as to why people resort to damaging the public property just to vent out their anger.  Would they keep quiet of someone does the same thing to their own property.  Obviously, the answer is a “NO”.  All this is clearly the lack of proper administration and the utmost of failure of the government.

However, this is just not the case of the congress.  Today the nation has only those kind of representatives who prefer to sit in a luxurious office enjoying the cool breeze from the air conditioner, failing to understand what is happening with the outer world or rather in more tougher words they are just being ignorant.  It is high time we need a drastic change in the way we are being ruled.

Balaji Anathanpillai

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