The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

For everyone in this world no matter where the person what matters the most is that all his wishes are fulfilled and all his prayers are answered. Every human being on this earth lives to make his dreams come true. One takes various approaches in life to achieve them; Rhonda Byrne makes an attempt to convince the readers that what they wish for can actually happen. She presents to us the laws of attraction, simply put what we get in life is what we have attracted from the universe. Most of the time we attract unconsciously but we can change our destiny by channelizing our thoughts. She emphasizes the fact that most people in this world are constantly thinking about what they don’t want and thus end up attracting that for themselves instead of what they actually desire for. The concept is very controversial and has been highly criticized for giving false hope to people. The writer uses small examples from our day to day lives to prove how we can make anything happen by just focusing on it and sending out signals to the universe with all our might to make it happen for us. Byrne has brought together the teachings of twenty four teachers from across America.


The writer took inspiration from a hundred year old book which was gifted to her by her daughter. She was in a very depressed as her father had expired unexpectedly and her relationships with her work colleagues and loved ones were in turmoil. The author after reading the book gifted by her daughter began to trace the secret to its origin and came across a horde of people who were aware of this. She claims that the most prominent people in the history like Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Emerson, Edison and Einstein were aware of the Secret.


The author succeeds in her effort to reveal the Secret by striking a personal connection with the readers. She features real stories of people who have in fact used the secret to attract what they want. Some of the most magnificent accounts of how chronic ailment was healed, how one was able to walk for the first time after an accident, heartwarming stories of stressed relationships, usage of the secret by the doctors to cure patients have been mentioned in the book. She even gives useful tips on how to implement the secret in one’s day to day life.


After reading the Secret you would know how to attract anything that you want in your life. It will change your life forever as you will know that you are the author of your destiny, the pen is in your hand you can write whatever you want. There isn’t a single thing you can’t do with this knowledge.


Akriti Chaubey

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