The Secret of Happiness

What makes you happy?
Is it proud ownership of a swanky car? A luxurious abode? Is it the intuition of a bonus coming your way?Here’s another set: Ever wondered why we need occasional doses of a getaway? Why we prize a Sunday? Why we look forward to meeting a childhood friend after years of separation?

The answer to the above set, my friend, is going to be treated at a slightly poignant level. They are all pleasures derived from simple, yet significant necessities of doing things for Yourself.

We all have pre-conceived ideas to stay happy which bring a broad smile to our face; for us, happiness is only derived if the ‘conditioned’ mind is satisfied. Isn’t it?

So, lets try and eradicate this root cause of our dissatisfaction and explore some ways to make happiness last forever.

The first secret to find inner happiness is to be grateful. Being thankful is one of the most powerful states of mind that one can adopt. It has this certain feel-good factor and aids one to stay focused too. It certainly brings in a more pervasive sense of happiness.

Our life is so stressful and scattered that one hardly gets the feeling of being content. Relaxing, dreaming and deriving simple pleasures from life’s simple things ensure a lighter mood and make life pleasurable. One must take some time off and listen to soothing music, go in for a tantalizing massage and be treated royally. Isn’t this a brilliant way to unwind oneself of all self-imposed burdens?

Each individual has numerous aspirations in life and has to struggle to achieve one’s goals. We have sky-high expectations and most commonly, our tendency is to think that once our goals reach completion, everything will be picturesque and rosy. But, I strongly deny this viewpoint. One must bask in the glory of one’s success and revel in every single moment and enjoy the sweet moments of life. It makes for a worthwhile journey and the end result is a more coveted one.

Happiness is definitely a temporary phase in our life, but it is not really difficult to make it a permanent one. It is definitely a matter of “Choice”; one can pep up one’s mood in the most horrifying of situations and on the contrary, one can create a ruckus for the minutest of problems. It all depends on one’s temperament…So, Embrace happiness as it comes along and fret little about the sorrows: After all, it is only when night sets in does one realize the significance of the light in our lives.

Geetika Sachdev

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