The Size Zero fad!

The size zero attained by Kareena Kapoor, became a much talked about fashion statement among the youth. A lot of hype was created about it. It had become a craze in the West a long time ago. But in India, it only gained in popularity recently.. Young ladies want to get a size zero figure so badly that sometimes they are ready to do anything. A word of caution needs to be spread among the young women that this might be a health hazard. Before analysing how this could  happen, let us understand what a size zero actually means.

Size zero is basically a women’s clothing size in the US. Some measurements have been set as the standard which all brands have to, at least officially, adhere to. .Getting into a shape that represents size zero may seem attractive but it is mostly considered unhealthy and inadvisable by the experts. The techniques that are adopted to get such a figure pose major health risks.

Young women give up eating and follow strenuous workout schedules to lose weight and tone up their bodies. They are only concerned about achieving the desired figure in the shortest time possible without caring about the final outcome. Many young women around the globe, who are in this race, are unaware of these risks. Following a fitness regime where you just give up eating is not at all an act of bravery. Rather, this could lead to malnutrition.

This has been the case with many of the models who adopted such a routine. In addition, it must also be noted that deficiency of nutrients may end up resulting in even greater problems for young girls. It could lead to weakening of bones. Lack of carbohydrates in the diet will make them lethargic. Lack of other essential nutrients will render them weak and even anaemic. They would also be more prone to diseases due to a weakening of their immune systems.

What’s more,, without much food intake,  a  heavy workout will eventually make that person less energetic in their day to day activities and lose out in terms of overall wellbeing. Such people also have a tendency to suffer psychological problems such as depression, etc, due to increased levels of stress. In conclusion, it would be right to say that following something blindly is not a good option at all.

Fitness experts and medical professionals suggest that people must choose to  have a fit body and mind instead of going crazily for a figure that would have a negarive inpact on their health. If people feel they are overweight, obese or not toned up, they must take advice from the experts and be guided by professionals. Before starting any kind of fitness routine it is necessary for people to find out, in advance, whether  the chosen regime suits them or not. Barring general things, the biochemistry of people differs from each other that demand a different kind of treatment to it.

The kind of profession which models and film industry people follow requires them to maintain their shape. But in these professions also people should keep in mind that starving oneself and exercising till it hurts is not right for them or anyone else. It is known that people, specially young people, try to follow trends that are influenced to a great extent by Bollywood or Hollywood.

This is so with clothing styles, hair styles and so on. But they need to be guided wisely and well in this regard as slavish copying may affect their health. In fact extremes of dieting and exercising could lead to increasing cases of osteoporosis among young women along with other health related problems. Again while saying this, it needs to be said that there’s no harm is keeping your body fit and healthy but the way to achieve this need to be considered  carefully. Don’t just follow anything blindly, look at the pros and cons, then adopt the regime that suits you the best and stay healthy and well.

Reeti Mahobe