The Slow Death of Bunk

This is a freak theory which I am going to prove today in my article . To begin with, lets picture the glorious days in retrospect. The school days – days when our school was a fortress with remote sensing teachers the not-so-forgiving principal and some back-biting students;

the jam packed classes – oh pardon me – the excruciaaaaaatingly painful boring and long jam packed classes and with all these odds stacked against us, we would still snatch what we respectfully call “The elusive BUNK”. Wow! What a feeling it was, being the king of the world, of beating the odds and winning over fate, of freeing your soul and attaining nirvana, of joining the elite league of the revered wall jumpers and the gate crashers. Wow!!

But when I look back now, I wonder if all these feelings would still be there if my principal hadn’t wasted all his time in stacking the odds I mentioned earlier . The point I am trying to make is that it is this “Cheap Thrill” (excuse me for the pun) which is the driving force behind every successful bunker (Successful as in contemporary bunking terms and nerds who think missing a class which was never actually there is a bunk rightfully excluded). What I mean is that it is the odds that are against it that make a Bunk sweet and here is where a college loses out to the school. When an inherent bunker steps afoot in a college, he looks for greater challenges, greater heights to strive for, more “Glory” . Unfortunately, all he gets are rules that don’t exist, and those which exist have already broken innumerable times by those before him. yet, despite all this, being the fighter that he is, he still bunks a lot in his early days in college just to prove a point to his mates that he is the last word in the world of bunking. He pretty much bunks everything that is closely related to “classes”.. But as time matures, the spirit get trampled underfoot, the motivation is no longer there. His mates ignore him and so do the teachers whose classes he bunked and to add insult to injury, they even give him all his attendance of those missed classes at the slightest request and that, my dear readers I must tell you, no self respecting bunker can ever tolerate. After a few months, the inevitable strikes and the bunker community lose a brother. Many argue that joining a society or a club can help save a bunker in addition to providing him some leverage for bunking classes in college but let me remind you, societies are for constructive and creative people. A leading bunker, on condition of anonymity, was quoted as saying,” Nahh!!!!” to the following suggestion. He said,” Joining a society will be a blot on my efficient time-wasting legacy”. And we must respect that. Thus, looking at all the arguments and theories presently circulating on this topic, we have come to the most certain conclusion that college is indeed where the ‘Bunk’ meets its slow death and most often (as recent examples have shown) never resurfaces again.

Prateek Kapil