The Sound of Music

“Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray, a drop of golden sun…”are the words which almost every toddler sings carrying the legacy of 44 years since the release of the movie from which the song came from- The Sound of Music. Such was the impact of the music of the movie that even today, to cheer someone, whether old or young, the song “Rain drops on roses…” comes to one’s mind.

Directed and produced by Robert Wise, The Sound of Music is a musical film which is based on the libretto by Howard Lindsay and the autobiography of Maria von Trapp titled as “The Story of the Trapp family singers”. The lead role was played by Julie Andrews accompanied by Christopher Plummer. The movie was filmed at Salzburg, Bavaria in South Germany and also the 20th Century Fox Studios in California.

In the movie, Maria (Julie Andrews) is preparing to become a nun at an Abbey. However, the Reverend Mother (Peggy Woods) is sceptical as Maria is so much into her world of dreams and adventures that the restrictions and limitations at the convent might clash with her nature. Hence, she sends her to Captain Georg von Trapp (Christopher Plummer), a widower and a retired naval commander, to become the governess of his seven children. After the wife’s death, the Captain disregards all merriment in the form of music and fun and treats his children as if he were at one of ships- whistles, orders and discipline. Initially, the children do not welcome the idea of Maria becoming their governess and do all sorts of mischief to drive her away. However, Maria becomes dear to them when she brings back the childhood in them through music which was lost in the sternness and discipline imposed by their father.

Further, the Captain asks Maria to leave as he does not appreciate the indiscipline with which she takes care of the children. However, when he listens to the singing of the children, he is taken back to the music he once treasured in his life. The music has such an effect that the Captain apologises to Maria and asks her to stay. The captain is smitten by the changes she brings about in his relations with his children and the way she brings him closer to them through music and Maria too starts falling in love with the Captain. However, the Captain had earlier intended to marry a rich Baroness from Vienna. The Baroness who becomes jealous of these developments makes Maria realise her roots in the Abbey and how conflicting it is with falling in love. Maria runs away to the Abbey and lands up in an awful dilemma. The Reverend Mother however tells her that her love for God will not become less if she loves a man. She makes her realise that she has to live the life she is born to live. Maria comes back to the Von Trapp family and both- Maria and the Captain confess their feelings to each other and they get married.