The Spring Connection

Spring is the season to express yourself and let your emotions run wild; there is no better way than dressing your skin with the latest fashion. In today’s impatient world, nobody gets a second chance; the first impression is always the last.

Things that can score you a few points are hanging in your closet.

Spring is the season to shed the extra load of sweaters, jackets and woolens. A brief window from March to April separates the biting cold from scorching summer, presenting us with a whole new set of fashionable attire thus giving us another reason to go shopping for the latest fashion Couture.

For all those men who live for fashion, here is a guide to shine and sweep ladies off their feet with your killer dressing style. A list of what’s Springlacious this spring:

Go Classic

No more jeans, there is nothing sexy than a man in chinos. The 100% cotton provides you with utmost comfort and the textured colours blend with the festivity of spring. Cuffed hem at the bottom in a contrast colour is icing on the cake. Showcase those sexy legs throughout this spring with hem cuffed bright coloured cotton shorts.
Hold on to your urge to buy baggy khaki chinos; their sheer size gives a feeling that someone else has been doing all the shopping for you. The pleated chinos are a strict no-no this season.
Shoes are a man’s best friend

It’s too early for sandals, but never too late to add sneakers to your spring collection. From Lacoste’s high-end sneakers to affordable converse; they are available in every size, shape and colour. Break the spell of the typical black, white, brown and grey; show some spring spirit with a colourful mix of green, blue and yellow.

Get your hair in the game

Nothing is static; hairstyles come and go every other month. Cool hairstyles are always in vogue, but choosing the right one is the toughest part. You have to get it right the first time; otherwise you would be stuck with a horrendous look for the whole month.

Your hairstyle has nothing to do with your clothes, it has a direct connection with your face; your jaw line, features, the texture of your hair and last but not the least the size of your head. Whatever you decide to do with your hair this spring, end the long lasting spell of spikes. Spikes and UPA fell short of spark this year. Be a gentleman and go for a medium cut with side partition (left or right).

Greatest Invention of all time: Mac 3 Razor

Spring is the time to shed your shaggy beard and go full Monty….err….I mean clean shave. If you are planning a rogue look, at least keep your neck line shaved.

The Boy with the green scarf

Scarves are here to stay.  Accessorize yourself with light weight soothing colours such as pista green, sky blue and peach orange. There can never be a better season than spring, not too hot, not too cold. Scarves are affordable, and they come in a wide variety of prints and colours.

I’ve got my eyes on you

Generations may come and go but Wayfarer glasses are forever young. The plastic frame design wider at the top than at the bottom, gives you a look to kill for. Wayfarers have been the favourite of who’s who, John F Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn to name a few, it’s time to join the list.

Who’s holding your pants?

A sleek braided D ring belt completes the set of “Dressed to kill attire”. They go well with chinos and cuffed khaki shorts and the best part is they are easy to unbuckle.
Fashion is all around us, all we need to do is pick the right thing from our closet. I have, have you?

Bhanuj Saharan

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