The Story Of A Family, Bonded With Love And Poverty

#StarvedByMoneyIt’s been days since our stars have returned from Rio Olympics, since the admiration and the love refuses to die down. The girls deserve all the accolades, cars, money coming in their way, they worked hard and bought pride and integrity to our country. P.V. Sindhu, Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Malik are being pampered and how. From Sachin Tendulkar to their State Ministers, everyone is lauding them either by sheer materials or praises. They deserve it and more power to them and their team.

Had the crores that are being currently distributed to them, were shared before their desirable results, the Indian Olympics contingent must have fared well than it did.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was quick to add that Indian betis have saved our country from disgrace with their wonderful performances. The media went uproar with all the feminist talks of how women should also be enticed towards sports than just mainstream female-oriented courses.

Yes, it’s time we give women the choice to decide her career, the option to raise her voice, and maybe the choice to survive too?

While, the entire country was celebrating the much-cherished and desired win of these three wonderful ladies, two small girls in Delhi were abandoned by their parents. It’s not the typical case of being abandoned on the road and found by someone. It is the case of how these girls were stuck inside their apartment for days before some help came.

These girls, aged merely 8 and 3, were found in a colony housing factory workers in Samaypur Badli. They were waiting for their father to come back, which never happened, and they starved themselves into the sorry state of what they called a home. There were maggots in the wounds of the girls and while one had blisters all over her body, the others head is bandaged to provide immunity from further infections.

Their father left long with their younger brother, who was drowned alive in the canal, because he was unable to care for his daughters and his son.

Gender no-bar, children were put in the hands of fate because the father wasn’t able to take care of their children. A parent is someone who loves their children, and would move moon and sun, if asked, to provide aid to the kids. However, this man found it easy to just abandon or flung his kids to death. Why?

Lack of food and sanitation resulted in the kids contracting skin diseases, including maggot infestation. Neighbors, who had initially ignored the victims, called the police after the stench from the room became unbearable. Why to help when the problem is outside the boundary of their own flats, right? Civic apathy is on rise, while the civic sense just evaporates from the minds and hearts of the people.

However, forced to think of some justification that led to this, I can just pinpoint my finger at one thing- poverty. The abusive relationship of poverty grips the common man, the poor man viciously, asking them to let go of something that must be precious to them.

Who is to blame here? The government has provided us with all sort of amenities, and campaigns, but who is there to administer them? The lack of awareness, the lack of working amongst the local bodies to better their community, all came to apparent notice when this father abandoned his family.

In desperate situation, people tend to lose their humanity, and the father lost his. He lost his humanity to his fight with poverty, his fight to attain basic needs for his family, and finally the fight to actually be a doting father that he promised to be.

Yugansha Malhotra

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