The Struggle to Hold a Pen

The most powerful saying goes “A PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD”, but nowadays in this ever progressing, ever fast, materialized life, it’s so difficult for some innocent soul to even hold a pen in their hands, which in turn makes holding a sword so easy. It’s not by choice, not by destiny, but they are forced by the existing system. Now when I say “SYSTEM” many eyebrows will raise up but the point is that, the fight between the system and the people goes-on and what remains is a below poverty line mass of people that tangentially rise up every year struggling for food, money and above all education. The debate is endless, we blame the system and the system in turn blames it on us, but no result.

When I see today’s statistics of school dropouts and literacy rates, Indian literacy rate grew to 74.04% in 2011 from 12% at the end of British rule in 1947. This is still below the average literacy rate of the world which comes to 84%. .Despite government’s efforts literacy rates have just sluggishly grown and still we are only counting the literates, we are still not focusing on the quality of education that is received by the lower group of people. We are concerned just about the quantity of people who can write the basics, but do those basics offer them the basic needs of today’s life?

Will a child going to a low income school, ever meet the standards of the increasing posh international schools that are flourishing like mushrooms every day , forget about the standards of a child, but does a normal middle class family even meet the financial requirements of those schools? No they can’t. The growing economy somehow has created a vast bridge in the society which is growing bigger and bigger. Here the rich are just getting richer, and the poor poorer. Some are scaling heights where some are just left to scale the depth. And in all this our future generation is suffering , those innocent small minds that weaves dream faster than the velocity of light are just stranded alone with confusions, compulsion, force and survival. And it’s just not the survival of fittest but the survival of the financially strongest. When the government took a step and provided free education, are there teachers in those classes to teach? The kind of education received has the lowest standard. The vacancies in the teacher’s posts go unnoticed. Don’t you think at least the most noble profession needs to be respected and valued now in the proper sense. We celebrate teacher’s day but you don’t find people taking up a teacher’s job, what could be more pathetic than this?

Now it’s time that we open our eyes, and be the guide to some little souls who too can take up a pen and fearlessly voice their instincts. If the youth starts contributing to this mission, if every educated person tries to teach a kid from the lower income group, then this inequity in education, economy and society will eliminate. The world will be a better place to live too and everyone will have the freedom of receiving quality education. So what are you still thinking? ARE you ready to give the dreams back to those sparkling eyes that meet you every day on the roads, foothpath, station, malls everywhere? Think about it!

Priyanki Choudhury