The Sun sets upon the Sea

The sky felt not the heartless tear,
Rising from the sea like a lifeless soul;
Devoid of cheer, devoid of fear,
Devoid of hope to reach its goal.

The fire which taught it how to fly,
Seemed heavy than its weight could hold.
Distant from the world, its thoughts did lie
Hidden in the dark like a dream untold.

Aspiring for the light, hidden above.
Illuminating the land, the sea,the sky
Opened its arms, like the wings of the dove,
Only to learn what it couldn’t defy…..

Drowning in its home with no wish
To endure the push of the new born tide,
Jumping like the heart endowed with bliss,
Skipped a beat when the wave took flight.

The sky ripened like a full grown peach,
Descending with an enchanting grace;
The ray of light danced with joy,
When the sun met the sea in tight embrace…

Ritika  Malhotra

She likes to wake up each morning without a plan and see where the day takes her, hopefully on some safe but relatively exciting adventure!I She loves living each moment. She feels a great affinity towards nature and loves every season. She aspires to be successful but at her own terms. She loves to find reasons behind everything that happens around her. She likes to perceive people and situations to judge their cognitive ability. Free thinker, Naturist, Experimental, Innovative, Designer, Explorer in her own way!