The System we all love to hate.

When I look around me, I feel the upcoming generation will be a socially conscious one. It’s been over one year of college and it’s an amazing feeling that almost everyone I come across seems to be involved in something or the other. Citing the example of my own college, there are many students helping the visually challenged people in the campus, some have taken up the responsibility to teach the under-privileged children or there is also a lot which goes to some village with an NGO regularly to provide any possible help to the down-trodden villagers.

The crux of the matter is that even the most fashionable people studying in popular colleges of DU not just think about the social issues infact they try their best to hone the situation too. Its not about any single university or place. I have friends in various engineering and medical colleges who are associated with student- run organizations and doing considerably great things. Movies like Rang De Basanti have proved to be major hits amongst the youth of the nation and these things I feel have a profound message in them. The fact is that we feel very strongly for things when we are young and not a part of the system that we love to despise. But these strong emotions become very transitory in view of the problems around us and practicality to sustain in such times.

The time lapse between wanting to change the system and becoming a part of the same is an important one. I am sure that people who constitute the present work force of our country must have had the fervor to change “things” around them in their youth. The fact that the situation is miserable now and corruption is rampant proves a very vital point. We may desire to do great actions in life but by the time we become responsible of having an impact on the society, our priorities change. There are so many essential spheres like career, spouse, cars, lavish life that become the things that matter to us. There are myriads of people who have a strong urge to do things in the just and right way but often stop themselves due to the oft-quoted practical constraints of life. We should not change our priorities in life and then blame it on the system around. In this way we not only waste the flair which could have done great things but also wastes our lives.

I guess there is a time in everyone’s life when you feel very strongly for those little things around you and there is a desire to change things, change the system…But they say “system changes you”. Well, according to me it’s correct but incomplete too. The corrupt system of our country has changed many and will continue doing that. But it will only be able to change those who are susceptible to all this and definitely not the ones who are staunch followers of their ideals, precisely because the whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going!!!

Srishti Gupta


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