The Ten Dimensions?

Imagining the Tenth Dimension, a book by Rob Bryanton, has put forth a new thinking about time and space. Here are the ten Dimensions as he puts them. Let’s start with a point which is a position in space – a dot in the vast collection of dots called space. When we join two points, we get a line and what we get is the first dimension.

When a perpendicular line passes through another line they form a plane like a sheet of paper. This is the second dimension. A face on a playing card is a two dimensional figure. When another line perpendicular to the two lines passes through their point of intersection we get a three dimensional space measured by quantities length, breadth and height. The fourth dimension is time i.e. duration. Our whole life span is a tube with our infancy as a start and our deceased self in the end. This was the easy part.

Now we move on to the fifth dimension. Firstly a king on a playing card assuming he was a live 2-D creature (called a flatlander) can only see two dimensional cross-sections of us which means he cannot see our depth or how fat we are. The same 2-D creature when asked to walk on a paper strip which is twisted once and its end connected will reach the point where he started without even knowing it because he cannot fathom the third dimension because he is a 2-D creature. When he walks on such a strip, it will only appear to him as if he is walking on a straight road. Similarly, we as 3-D creature experience time in its 3-D cross-section whereas we know that time is a four dimensional quantity. That means we can only experience time in its next moment and not as a whole because we are three dimensional creatures. Quantum mechanics states that we exhaust waves of probable events due to chance and influence of other human beings and as a result experience time. Simply put, all of us are waves colliding against each other influencing each other’s future. Therefore, the fifth dimension in its whole is a multitude of probable events that can occur in our lifespan. The sixth dimension lays down the principle of a time machine. That means if we move along the line of our lifespan which is the fourth dimension-time. We are in the sixth dimension. Negative motion in this dimension takes us back in our life and positive forward thus probably jumping events in between. This, however, is unattainable for a 3-D creature like a human.

The seventh dimension is one big bang (in this case ours) taken as a point i.e. our universe and its various dynamics and probable ends like a black hole or an ion cloud etc. This is the point we sometimes refer to as infinity. Therefore, the seventh dimension is one universe taken as an infinity point. The eighth dimension is a line between one infinity point i.e. our universe with another which has completely different dynamics e.g. velocity, energy etc. The ninth dimension is a 3-D space of various Infinity points (This analogy similar to 1,2 and 3 dimensions). The tenth dimension as all infinities taken as one single point. We cannot move further because we have already included all infinities. In the much talked about string theory, physicists tell us that super-strings vibrating in the tenth dimension give us sub-atomic particles that make up our universe and all other universes as well which means all possibilities are contained in the tenth dimension.

(This theory is the most debated topic for the past 25 years in theoretical physics and science.)

Prateek kapil

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