The theory of long legs

”Nice legs! Men love it!”

Why do women wear heels? It makes them look not just taller but makes their legs look longer. Inches of those platforms don’t just make sexy legs. It’s a lot more than just adorning them with high heels. One might not be tall enough yet of their legs are well proportionate to their body or, according to research, 5% more than the average leg length, they are well enough to be called Hot and Long. Days back I saw a blogger write on his blog, ”No matter your age, if you have toned, shapely legs- you can have sexy legs!”

Heels make the appearance of the legs longer. What is also important to know that one’s legs should be beautifully toned and should have proportionate indentations on the sides of the calves and thighs. Your legs might become your ultimate style statement or may become your biggest asset. Some are inborn with this asset while some carve them in shape through pumps and heels.  Men are, they say, visual creatures. The more legs a man sees and the longer they are, the better it is!

Long legs come fourth in the list of ”Men’s Turn-Ons List”. The longer the legs of a woman are, the sexier she seems to the masculine affinity. Have you ever noticed finalists of beauty pageants/ contests, have longer legs than an average woman does that is because long legs have been associated to ”potent sexuality”. Barbie dolls have artificially lengthened legs.

So if you have long legs smile to yourself for you know you are a stimulating sexy siren and if you don’t then wear those long inches and see the change to yourself.

Ask your mother why she has been forbidding you to wear short skirts all this years-She sure knows how much men love long legs! 😉

Dhrishni Thakuria