You are unlikely to have ever come across an option set such as this; it is even more unlikely that you would have never come across persons belonging to this ‘other’ section of society. So a logical conclusion could be that there exists a section in society whose existence in society is in effect not even recognized. Though this is not entirely correct, homosexuality still remains a complex though not widely accepted or discussed subject. In fact there isn’t even a consensus on its nature, although the UN’s description of it as a sexual orientation is one of the least controversial ones.
Homosexuality has in recent times been looked upon as a new ground for discrimination. It is interesting to observe how the evolution of the societal value systems determines the manner in which it treats its sexual minorities. In a country like USA its endorsement is celebrity driven while the objections are primarily on religious grounds. In contrast in a country like India you could be pardoned for believing that it does not exist at all. In a society where parents are loath to discuss even sex, discussing homosexuality is a far fetched notion. Imagine the plight of those for whom it’s a reality, the social implications notwithstanding; the economic hardships are no less harrowing. It would be easy to wax eloquence about the problem, what is essential is acknowledging and addressing what today has become a fact of life. What indeed is the downside of accepting homosexuality? The concerns are many, children being exposed to seemingly unhealthy tendencies, persons exploiting their sexual identities to the discomfiture or disadvantage of others and that it opens the door for further attacks on the policies of religious institutions. Now consider the disadvantaged position that coming out of the closet about your homosexuality puts you in. Would a person make a whimsical choice of his sexual identity? If religion is a personal choice, can we deny a biological compulsion? Do we have to make it harder for them, to expose them to immense social, psychological pressure which may in fact backfire and fuel the disturbing reactions that we fear when we obliterate them from our lives? Accepting them into the mainstream, promoting their welfare actually brings them under the purview of the authorities, leaving little scope for injustice to them or other sections of society.

Malavika Vyawahare