The Ultimate Escape

Back flashing my life in a simple fashion,

A gal born with dreaming as her passion,

Flew in her thoughts, went here and there,

Tried out things and explored relations everywhere.

She got the dreams and that factor to win,

Coupled with the love of parents and kin.

Unaware of the reason why they all love her,

She took the best path the world could offer.

Hitting the target was the aim,

Fulfilling parents’ dream was the claim.

But the claim got paused and everything scattered,

The inside story in, and all shattered.

What seemed as support turned out into comments,

Social status of the loved ones killed all sentiments.

They want a child whose story they could flaunt,

The bad luck of the child welcomed all taunts,

The gal decided to get the love back,

Tried out again, hardwork sacked.

The dedication and labor brought the things back,

Appreciation flooded and all “to do” checked.

But still the gal feels, something is missing,

Why she is not happy and the things still itching.

Human greed and lust never ever dies,

Fake love relations can never reach skies.

Living just for the sake is not real happiness,

Getting out of this cycle is the ultimate escape,

Is the ultimate escape

Anushka Jain

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