The unconditional ties

The day I was born

No one knew who I am

What I will become

Until when my life began.


Unaware from the tremors

That I was to foresee

Not knowing the blessings

Those were to be.


I was living peacefully

In a protected world

Sheltered by my loved ones

Nor a cry I heard.


Then with passing time

My life started to change

I had to now analyse

Through a very long passage.


Now I had to make decisions

Give reasoning for my work

Experience a shuffle

Could no longer be a jerk.


This was the time when

I started identifying myself

A process to understand

How even I could help.


Now I have known

How I will shape the path ahead

And utilise the knowledge

From whatever I have read.


I know between all this

I have to fulfil my duties as well

I can’t forget those who

Have supported me always.


The love and care

They have showered on me

Now I will be with them

Whenever they need me.


This is how my life

I want to lead

To be responsible and

Take charge of my duties.


I want to fly high

But not reach a place

Where others are behind

And don’t match my pace.


I want to fly with them

Whom I love and respect

To do all the hard work

Just their support I expect.


Puja Wattal