The Unlimited Resource of Power- Sun

Have you ever thought of a world that can sustain itself just with the help of solar energy? In other words, a world where everything and anything runs with the help of solar power? If you haven’t given it thought I am sure you will after knowing the recent developments in Science and technology.


The last couple of years have seen some great innovations in the field of science and technology. The government is doing its best by investing heavily in this field and giving scientists incentives for coming up with new innovations that are environment friendly.


Solar energy seems to have brought a new revolution in this field. With ever increasing concerns about the depletion of non-renewable sources of energy, the Sun is gaining greater and greater importance in our daily lives. Being a renewable source of energy and being environment friendly solar energy is being used in almost all the gadgets that are being made today.


The recent development in science and technology is the new solar powered aircraft that attempts to fly around the world with zero emissions. Flabbergasted? At least I was. It is not the first time that such an aircraft has been produced and used. Back in 1980, Paul MacCready, known as the pioneer of solar powered aircraft, designed the Gossamer Penguin aircraft. However, such aircrafts were not capable of flying long distances. The wings of a solar powered aircraft are almost as big as any other aircraft, but they are covered in a film of solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity to drive its engines.


When an aeroplane takes off, fuel accounts for one-fifth of the plane’s weight. The longer the journey the more fuel the plane would need and hence greater the weight of the plane. Each tonne of fuel burnt during the journey produces 3.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide which is a significant figure. So a carefully designed solar powered aircraft will be much lighter and will help in reducing carbon dioxide emissions which seems to be a big environmental problem confronting the world. This is surely an innovation that puts forward a school of thought that says science and technology can make everything possible.


Another recent development in the field of science and technology is solar powered mobile phones. Samsung introduced its latest solar powered mobile phone- SOLAR GURU, which enables users to charge battery anywhere the sun is shining. It is specifically designed to overcome the shortages of power cuts which prevent people from charging their phones. Solar Guru will allow rural users to stay connected with their family members with a mobile that withstands the harsh rural environment and can serve as an alternative to landlines where electricity is a problem.


Developments in Science and Technology are playing an important role in the development of mankind. The Solar Guru epitomises that. The latest gadgets and equipments are raising the efficiency of humans by helping them in better utilisation of their limited time. Though some innovations, like cars, have contributed significantly to environment pollution, recent developments are seeking to reduce such pollutions.

 Innovations such as mobiles, laptops and internets have made the world much smaller and gives people an opportunity to stay connected with their families and friends. Science and Technology can be more of a boon than a curse for mankind if it is designed and used for the right purpose.


These developments could well be a harbinger of the things to come. Use of solar energy is going to assume greater importance in the future. Over the past few years we have seen science and technology shifting from parochial mandates to entailing a wider gamut of activities. It is enthralling to see how science and technology proceeds further and the kind of innovations it comes up with. I am sure by now you would be convinced that scientists can up come up with innovations that can make an impossible situation a reality.


Now can you imagine yourself running on solar power?


Keshav Parthasarathy

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