The USB Fridge

We live in the 21st century. A world where living wireless has become a norm. Right from a mobile phone to a laptop to a pen drive, all information all data has been packaged in a manner that makes it easily portable and of multiple use.
Man has aimed and achieved to make for himself a life so comfortable, that all of his work gets done at mere touch. And right when man wondered what more does he want in life did he realize that the cold drink he purchased from a departmental store is turning warm. That is when his genius mind asked him to invent a machine that would keep his cold drink cold, even when he’s on the move and wants to sip his cold drink provided it remains cold. Then one fine day as he worked over the design he wondered how he would design this invention that he was thinking of. He thought of ways in which he could make this cooling system portable and convenient to use. And finally came up with a USB fridge taking inspiration from everything that he knew used the USB format right from a USB transfer cord to a USB mouse.
The USB fridge helps you keep your beverage chilled while you work on your computer. It avoids necessity to move from the screen when you want to grab a drink. Plus its advantage is that it doesn’t leave water anywhere close to the computer which usually happens when a drink turns warm. The USB fridge comes with a unique door design and can hold only 1 soda can at a time. This USB powered mini fridge cools a beverage with 5v USB power. It has LED lights on the inside of the fridge like normal fridges. The cooling temperature falls to 8.5 degrees after 5 minutes of use. The best part of the fridge is its weight. It weighs only 362 grams and is 19.4*9*9 cm in dimension. The novelty of the idea makes this unique fridge stand out and a very novel invention suiting the convenience of mankind.
Somehow man has accustomed himself to being surrounded by inventions and facilities that provide hi leisure and comfort all at the palm of his hand. Unlike all other USB inventions this one seems to be the icing on the cake. Who would have thought that inventing something like a USB fridge would happen in the near future? Now sitting at the computer and not worrying about the water that drips from your soda can has become more convenient with the coming of the USB fridge. However the best feature still remains its ability to stay compatible with the USB usage of a normal computer, a Mac, an x box 360, a PS 2 and a PS3. But it cannot be used with cans which are bigger than 12 oz in size and it can also take up to around 2 hours to cool one drink, which again should not be warm. This fridge designed and produced by DreamCheek is not very easily available and is meant to order.
The USB fridge is a delight for all gadget lovers who on an average don’t chug out more than one soda can every two hours. So while you still struggle with a soda can and its slow warming as you read my article. The USB fridge somewhere in someone’s palm continues to cool a can of soda.
Giselle Mendes

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