The Viewspaper Internship for Writers

The Viewspaper Internship is a unique “work-from-home” online programme designed for those who are studying in schools, colleges or young professionals working in various companies to improve their writing skills.

The online Internship is a programme which you can do from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Our editorial team interacts with the Interns via email, chat and phone helping them out with various assignments and difficulties faced during the Internship.

The learning from the internship will stay with you for life and benefit you at each and every stage of your career.

How do you Benefit?

  • You will learn to write on different topics and experience different kinds of writings.
  • At each stage you will be provided with expert guidelines and personalised feedback.
  • You will receive feedback not only on your grammar and language but also on your content and ideas.
  • Some of your work may stand a chance at getting published on The Viewspaper and its other properties and share your views with the world.

What happens after you complete the internship?

  • You are issued a certificate stating that you have interned with The Viewspaper.
  • You stand a chance to be offered other positions and roles within The Viewspaper. These could include correspondent and columnist roles and in some cases monetary compensation is also a possibility.

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