The Virtual World Becomes Increasingly Real

Few months back I used this Facebook application “Google Your Name”, and exactly like the search engine of Google, the app gave out a detailed personality trait of mine. It was surprising, but the app had actually figured me out quite well. I had used the app after coming across a friend’s share of her result which she claimed was “so true!” The app must have scanned through my Facebook activities and drawing from those made an assumption (if that was in fact how the app runs).

According to a report by The Hindu today, one’s Facebook activities allows you to understand the personality of the user. This surely is true. Facebook has a myriad of application and features in which the personality of the user is exposed; be it through status updates, photo and video posts, pages you have “liked” on the platform, or even your comments that you have posted on a friend’s update.

Not just that, it has been reported that an application is being developed which can tell the user what the user wants to buy next by engaging with the person’s personality traits, choice and needs. This is like telling that your social media account will know you better than your friends do. How amazingly sad does that sound?

Technology has left us far behind. Each one of us has built a virtual world of our own, and in that we have shut the door to our real world. It is unimaginable how involved we can be in the virtual that the virtual becomes inescapable from our reality. For instance, when we go out with friends we click photos saying, “This is an insta moment, let’s capture it”, which once was “let’s take a picture to capture the moment for the sake of memory.” Even when we travel to a new place, there is an urgency to “check in” and update it as our Facebook status.

Internet is such a huge part of our lives that a single day without it leaves people restless and worse, jobless. One of my teachers once told me that she is so dependent on Google and Gmail, that if one day the site would break down in an error, her life would stop. That is the impact the internet has had on people.

Today, it is impossible to think of a time without smartphones and the internet. We are not only connected to people via the internet, but, as weird as it sounds, we are even connected to our very own lives through it.

Pallavi Sharma

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