The Volkswagen Beetle: Now runs on human waste

All of us have learnt about the importance of petrol and other fossil fuels in school. We have a limited resource of them and once used up, they will take millions of years to get replenished. Moreover, any petrol driven engine produces carbon dioxide which causes pollution, damages the ozone layer and at the end of it all hurts us and our planet. But all of us just learnt about it in school and forgot about it. However, there has been one company which hasn’t forgotten and has stood up and decided to do something about it.

The company is UK based GENeco. This company has developed the first car which runs on human waste. They have managed to convert a Volkswagen Beetle into a car which runs on human waste. It is the answer to nature’s call. Not in the sense that you can relieve yourself in its fuel tank but in the sense that it will reduce the pressure on the limited and fast depleting fossil fuels. It obviously doesn’t use fecal matter directly as a fuel but uses bio-gas which is can be produced from human waste.

The car they have produced does not give up on performance just because it runs on bio gas. The car has been converted without any loss in performance. The converted Beetle is a conventional 2 liter convertible and is as good as its petrol using brother. It is able to run at the same speed as the petrol driven Beetle with a top speed of 114 miles an hour.

Though the car does need unleaded petrol to start its engine, once it reaches a certain desired temperature it switches to the use of bio-gas. This is certainly better than using a car which is fully dependent on petrol.

According to The Telegraph, “Excrement flushed down the lavatories of just 70 homes is enough to power the car for 10,000 miles – the equivalent of one average motoring year.”

Though this car too gives out carbon dioxide while using bio-gas as fuel there are two reasons as to why this car is better than the petrol driven cars. Firstly it will make us use less petrol till we find alternative energy sources to fulfill our needs. Secondly this bio-gas would naturally and invariably release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in the form of methane as a part of a natural cycle. By using it as a fuel we are letting a natural cycle help us fulfill our energy needs.

Though lot of us may not be comfortable with the idea of our cars farting in the future, environmentally it is a very exciting prospect. It may help us slow down our doom. It may help us slow down the fast depletion and decay of our planet.

Dipen Shah