The War for the Best “Touch”

After the war on affordable music phones is over, it’s time for mobile phone companies to gear up for the upcoming battle on the touch screen phones. Touch screen phones are the latest must haves for the gadget freaks. Most of these phones come with special features such as the Facebook, Twitter, Google Earth and Internet access, which make them even more irresistible. The war is on and every company is coming up with better features and competitive prices to beat the others.

Apple’s new iPhone 4 which will soon be launched in India is expected to be priced at Rs 36,000 approximately. The iPhone 4 is a 4G phone and is packed with additional features in comparison to the earlier Apple 3G. These include a high definition video camera, better battery backup and a high resolution Retina display. It also supports video calling and has a 5 mega pixel still camera with LED flash.

Microsoft, Apple’s greatest rival has come up with the Windows phone 7. Windows phone7 offers a more convenient and user friendly operating system. Microsoft is expecting many firms to switch over to Windows 7 soon. The Taskbar has been redesigned to enable users to work more efficiently. One exciting feature of the Windows phone 7 is that users can share files and printers with other computers which are enabled with Windows 7. The most interesting features are the “Snap” and the “Shake” features. The “Snap” feature enables the users to resize and compare windows. The “Shake” feature allows quick access to the Desktop. It is priced at approximately Rs 12,000.

Samsung’s newest launch is the Android powered Galaxy S GT I9000. It boasts of a 4-inch Super-AMOLED display and WiFi. It has a 5 mega pixel backslide auto focus camera with high definition video recording. Its USPs are 8 to 16 GB internal storage and GPS with 3 D maps. It is yet to reach the Indian market and therefore has not been priced accordingly. This phone is sure to take the touch screen phone market by storm and is designed to make the user’s life more convenient and exciting.

Nokia takes the cake when it comes to providing affordable touch screen phones with essential features. Nokia’s most popular touch screens are 5230, 5530 and 5800. The 5230 is available for a mere Rs 7,500. The 5800 is available for Rs 12,600 and the 5530 is available for Rs 14,000. These phones are very attractive for the young crowd and are extremely popular because of their stylish looks, affordability factor and touch and express music quality. Nokia has also set the best deals for its touch screen phones and is one of the most trusted mobile phone brands in India. Nokia’s touch screen phones are meant for the masses that are young and tech savvy.

HTC on the other hand, has launched a phone which will rival the Apple iPhone. HTC was the first to bring the touch experience to the market. Its new model the HTC Touch Pro 2 is a Smartphone from the Touch series. It has a left side slide of QWERTY keyboard a micro SD slot and a camera flash. It offers many Internet services such as e-mail, instant messaging, web browsing, etc. It also provides WiFi connectivity. It has a 3.6” screen and its estimated cost is Rs 36,000.

Most of the touch screens in the market support the 3G technology whereas the latest Apple iPhone 4 supports 4G technology. With this launch of iPhone 4, the competition in the market will increase in an attempt to match up with Apple’s latest produce.

– Chandani Karnik

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