The Woes Of A Pompous Indian


If not the entire world, India has surely created a benchmark when it comes to the establishment and the perks-inflicted attitude of VIP people, yes, people who are very important. We have seen politicians, actors, lawmakers, kids of these very important people, use the privileges of such a culture that does nothing but ease out their life by treating them differently. Never mind if their super smooth convenience is possible only by inconveniencing the public, or delivered at huge cost to the taxpayer.

As long as the perks are being enjoyed, why bother with inconvenience of the imbecile population, who don’t even deserve to breathe the same air as they do.

We have heard a lot of instances wherein public figures have disrupted the humdrum of a normal civilian so as to suit their needs. Recently, during the promotion of Baar Baar Dekho the lead actors of the movie, Siddharth Malhotra and Katrnia Kaif decided to do an impromptu dance performance at a local station, disrupting the daily tasks of many commuters who couldn’t carry on because of the ruckus the lead stars presented themselves with. Let’s engross crores while threatening a daily wage of an individual.

One fine day, something along the same line happened when Asaram Bapu decided to board a flight. He, along with his devotees created ruckus aboard a Jet Airways Jodhpur-Delhi flight. Initially, the flight got delayed by more than two hours much to the dismay of the fellow passengers. The flight was booked by half of his devotees who wanted a glimpse of the god-man, and decided to shower him with the feet-touching exercise inside the flight which caused some tilting of the flight.

Who can stop and behave when seeing the God-man in all his glory, if a bit sick, right?

Soon, after the flight finally took off, the air conditioning was halted in the flight causing suffocation to one and all. With the crew members being unable to assist the passengers, and were ignoring their qualms, Jet Airways tarnished their brand image like never before. How good or viable is customer service remains unimportant when the God himself humbled the abode with his mystical presence.

So much so were the crew members blinded by the shine of his godliness that they actually forgot to commit to their ritualistic safety instructions. The easiness with which people pray at his feet is astounding whilst knowing the fact that he is a sex-offender who has exploited many women. One of the perks of being a VIP, right?

However, it is quite easy to blame the fanatics and not the God-man for such hassles. They were the one causing trouble, while Asaram Bapu was battling his sickness. Such VIP culture is looming everywhere in India, wherein normal civilians suffer at the hands of not-so-normal leaders.

The question is, is the leader up for blame or the blame lies with us people who are fanatic about any leader and won’t mind disrupting many individuals for the process? Can we actually blame the person who gets to enjoy such perks? After all, all humans are greedy whether they are perceived to be good or not.

It is my contention that we are a poorly parented people prone to indiscipline and indulgence. We overindulge our children; nothing is done to teach us some manners, good civic behavior, and basic discipline. We have either grown up to be served as Kings or Queens or to serve them.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source:

The Viewspaper