The World Is Yours!

I sat on my bed, one early wet morning, sipping a hot ‘cuppa’ before I slipped out of the ‘world of comfort’ of my cozy bed. The heavens seemed to have opened as a deluge engulfed the world outside. Suddenly, a figure caught my eye. Here was this young lanky boy in a red Manchester United jersey braving the rain and running. I jumped out of bed and ran to my leaf fringed window to call out to him.

He did not stop but waved with an enigmatic smile on his face. It then dawned on me that this was the boy who aspired to be ‘the next Bhaichung’. What determination and energy! I curled up on a cozy chair and thought to myself……. “Oh! To be young again! To have the yearning to excel and feel the thrill of achieving your goal ……Yes! That was the blessing of Youth”.

I do not boast of being a psychologist nor am I qualified to be one but my years of experience has taught me what no books of knowledge could ever teach me! Many people presume that the youth of today are a ‘worrying’ lot. I disagree with this totally. Amidst the chaos of terrorism, unstable governments, warring nations, corrupt politicians, there is one individualis a soul who has has the will to grow with every passing year and that individual is ‘the soul of the youth’! All these young soulsThe youth are bubbling lava of molten creativity who are ‘actively’ growing each day.

Theirs is a world of enthusiasm, free spirit, without any prejudices and this spirit, can even topple the strongest government. Life, for these fledglings is no bowl of cherries! Sometimes, one timorous step forward is followed by two giant steps backward yet despite all obstacles; they have the courage to move on.

Being a single parent and a teacher makes my experience with the youth, a richer one. My sons, Mark and Mario have so much ‘zing’ inside them and they are the ‘secret’ of my energy too. I don’t need those ‘vitalizers’ or ‘energy boosters’ to keep me going. I just need their playful, mesmeric, emotional spirit ( tossed with a few of those ‘nail biting’ football matches ) ….to keep me on my toes. Romance is brought into my life with their ‘roller coaster’ love stories and my world too becomes one lovely and lively vibrant world.

Fantasy has a million faces. Illusion and money have whisked away realities. My heart tears when I see and hear about atrocious deeds committed by these young people, I pause and think, ……. Something something must have gone wrong drastically in these young lives. I feel understanding and patience topped with a lot of trust and love will work wonders for them. At this age, they are ablaze with impish energy and mind boggling creativity that is sometimes, unfortunately, mistaken for ‘over smartness’!! Let the youth grow for theirs is a limitless world of new vibrancy and energy. We, adults have to stand ‘behind’ them and not become ‘stumbling blocks’ on in their way.

Dizzying changes are taking place all the time. There are many choices to be made. Complex changes have been brought by an increasingly westernized lifestyle and we need to guide them cautiously. Just because they dress in that ‘outrageous’ fashion does not mean they are to be damned or ostracized. The youth of today are in contact with everything in the world. Issued Issues that were once spoken in an alien tongue and restricted to the drawing room only are, today, freely discussed for all to hear or follow. Hence we need to be guiding lights to these young minds.

So much good as well as evil is offered to us on the platter of life. New awareness indicates that the youth of today is ready to face all challenges the future might bring with it. Youth is a tapestry of joy, hope, sorrow and goals. The changes they face in their lives is electrifying as they metamorphasize metamorphosize from a ‘giddy headed’ teenager to an adult. I say – Quit worrying about them always instead love them, believe in them and join in their youthful revelry. Treat these young souls as the melodies in your life and let them create pure unadulterated joy with their achievements.

To the youth I say …..You are the builders of a better tomorrow. Believe in yourselves for the world is yours!

Eugenie K. Sitling

The author is a Lepcha, born and brought up in the picturesque town of Kalimpong. Studied in St Joseph’s Convent and later at St Bede’s Shimla, she has been teaching for the past 24 years and has enjoyed each moment of it. She is a lover of creative work, especially loves writing and is also crazy about music. A single parent with two awesome sons, bringing them up alone has made her stronger. She loves football too. Her parents have made her what she is today and she specially loves the person who supported her in all her ventures.