The world of Social Networking

“Are you on Facebook?” asked a boy to a girl while traveling to college in a metro. The girl responded, “Yes, I’ll just add you as a friend.” She took her mobile phone, searched for “Rohit Mehra” and sent him a friend request. The boy responded quickly and accepted “Mira Mittal” as her friend. So, the friendship started to brew and mature when both the newly made friends started chatting online often…

Welcome to world of Social Networking Sites. This Web Service offers you the most amazing, interesting and attractive world – sometimes the world of dreams and many a times the world of reality.

I am sure, today every teenager is well acquainted with all the characteristics of Facebook irrespective of whether he knows his mathematics calculations well or not.

“What’s on your mind” serves as a platform to ventilate happiness, love, exasperation and anything that flashes your mind. Check this out…

“Boring Lecture  . Don’t kno what to do…”

“I know lectures are always boring. Try out something new”

“New what?”

“May be have a cup of coffee and come back. That shall keep you alive…”

The trend of social networking has propounded to such an extent that anyone away from such Global Networking Tools is considered to be completely outdated. Social Networking is no more a status but a must otherwise you are a part of the “Below Technology Line” population. You may have missed having a bath or your meal but missing being on Orkut, Facebook, My Space and Twitter for a day becomes the biggest cause of anxiety for the youngsters. Changing your profile picture daily, posting oldest and the newest snaps, letting all friends know how the day passed, creating an “event” for even the smallest party at your home and letting hundreds of people wish you on the special occasions has added so much to the popularity of Social Networking Sites that it has become a world of its own. Facebook is the undisputable leader of this network with a staggering amount of 500,000,000 users followed by My Space, Twitter and Orkut.

These sites have gone on to becoming the cultural phenomenon which have blurred and diluted the border divide, bringing people closer irrespective of their caste, community or place of birth. But Facebook, Orkut, Twitter have gone on to become a part of people’s daily habits  to the extent that, be it  midnight or the wee hours of the morning, these extra active people are all  awake to check the latest tweets and updates. “I remember one of my students. This girl had her exam the next day but she had so much time that her Orkut Profile Status changed every two hours. I think it is the social networking culture in students that is leading to the fall in their average performance in studies.” says Vinod Arora, teacher in a Senior Secondary School.

Though privacy settings have raised great concerns about the security issues with these sites; if used logically and carefully they provide common people one of the biggest platforms to ventilate their feelings, ideologies and discuss issues of great relevance.

Though the creator of Facebook (Mention his name) created this marvel in a fit of depression after having broken up with his girlfriend, his anger and rage gave others the joy of staying virtually connected, irrespective of the real distance between them.

Juhi Gupta

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