The Year that Was!

Person of the Year: No Prizes for guessing this googly, the person of the year is none other than our own Anna Hazare! The man who made the Jan Lokpal the most searched keyword on the web, Anna is the whole and soul behind the Country’s first youth centric revolution! He projected himself as a neo-Gandhi to the youth! A great role model to emulate, Hazare proved his critics wrong, age can never be a deterrent in ones objectives!

Sportsperson of the Year: Month, year, decade, century, the Little Master will continue to be the reigning hero of Sports! Sachin Tendulkar’s mere presence in the side gives shivers down the opposition camp! The minute he enters the field, the Country is united under one religion, the religion of cricket! He may have his off days on the field, but for most parts of his career he has never let his fans down! This teen prodigy has literally become a name, which can be substituted with Cricket!

Celeb of the Year: The model turned actress, Katrina Kaif has proved her critics wrong yet again! After being the most ‘searched’ actress on the web, Katrina is also touted as the biggest celebrity in the Country! Despite having an anglicized accent, Kaif has achieved what many actors take a lifetime to arrive at! She is amongst the highest paid actors in India!

Word of the Year: Had it not been for Hazare, the Lokpal Bill would have remained un noticed in our constitution forever! Hazare’s initiative has made the Jan Lokpal Bill the ‘Word’ of the Year! Lokpal literally means ‘protector of the people’ the agitation has definitely been a unifier among the people! If the Bill comes in place all the Scams that have been creating problems in the Country would be easily eliminated!

Event of the Year: The Cricket World Cup was undoubtedly the Event of the Year! The very fact that it was being held in India and the neighbouring Countries made the Event Special even before the Results were declared! The result no wonder was the cherry on the cake! The World Cup Victory gave the Country just the kind of boast it was looking for! It was a time of immense joy and happiness for all!

Gadget of the Year: The Samsung Galaxy Tab was the gadget, which set the maximum eyes rolling this year! It is light, slim and strikes the right balance between being an e- book reader and a 10-inch tablet that is perfect for watching movies! It can easily give Apple a run for its money!

Destination of the Year: Goa will remain the all time favourite destination for the Indians always! The perfect place to relax, unwind and let lose, Goa is the perfect remedy for all sores! From water sports to amazing sea-food, from great resorts to shack-able ‘shacks’, Goa has something for everyone! So this December pack your bags and Go Goa!

Term of the Year: The term of the year for everyone was Yoga! The Yoga fever has been catching up on everyone like never before! For a generation that is constantly running and living a high stress life, Yoga is the way to de-stress and relax! The trend that was triggered by Kareena’s size zero and has now become a national anthem, literally!