The Young Ones of Change

On hearing the word ‘Politics’, what usually springs to mind are the images of government, politicians and their policies, and more negatively, lure of power, corruption, dirty tricks and white lies. The actual definition seems to have been obscured and almost lost by such representations and clichés that tend not to pinpoint the true essence which defines the thing called politics. Until now, an Indian politician was an uneducated old man, clad in white, delivering long, vague speeches, and making false promises; but the image is changing now, thanks to education and awareness. The young ‘Turks’ as they are called, have gripped the entire nation with their ideas about anything and everything.


The Indian political scene now boasts of the likes of Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Priya Dutt, Milind Deora, Omar Abdullah, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Madhu Goud and Sipiparai Ravichandra. They are young, they are educated, and they are politicians. These young ones have an earnest intention to serve their country and change it for good. It’s true that majority of the young politicians are inheritors of a political lineage, but still it is a welcome sign that we have a bunch of young recognizable faces, up on that national stage. They are an interesting group, energetic and earnest, who want to shed the status quoits’ garb that wraps the political and administrative system of the country. Armed with degrees from Ivy League universities with strategies of economic growth in their fingertips, this new generation of young politicians is already making its presence felt. Their charisma and acumen attract the youth who understand their methods and associate with them. The youth today are aware of, and interested in, their nation, and care about the quality of leadership that will determine the future of the country. They celebrate the entry of young leaders in this often despised profession. To the youngsters of today, these young politicians seem to be a beacon of hope that will lead India to greater heights in the future.


Indian politics is experiencing a change, which is brought about by the rise in young politicians. A lot is expected from this new breed of enthusiastic and goal-oriented individuals, because they have the necessary foresight. These young politicians need to bridge the gap between the general populace and the upper echelons of the political leadership. They need to bring in a fresh perspective to solve the problems expeditiously. They need to work in tandem with experienced politicians and address pressing issues. They have to be progressive and prominent. They need to be the pamphleteers and activists of a cause or a political path they believe in.


Today, every citizen is aware of the fact that there is an urgency of new leadership and new ideas, which are needed to address the critical challenges the country is facing. The Indian political system needs to evolve. The difficulty while trying to bring this change is the whole momentum of our system that has been built over successive ages of bureaucracy; and this momentum resists change. It is unfortunate to see that these young buds of Indian politics are strangely caught in the loop of tradition; a tradition that expects you to quietly succumb to age and experience. True, tradition and experience have their own place in the system and must be treated with regard, and therefore the need of the hour is that old roots should accommodate new shoots.


It is expected of any healthy system to keep this fine balance, but unfortunately, we are off balance at the moment. This has already had a debilitating influence on our young politicians. When their ideas and impatience should be changing the system and solving problems, they are perennially strategizing to surmount the bonds of tradition. Their energy and vision has been imperiled by uncertainty, which is conceitedly propelled by the system, and this has halted them in their tracks. It is for people to understand that only the combination of experience, enthusiasm and energy will take India to newer and better heights.


As for now, India is gearing up for a new political dawn infused with a heightened sense of political consciousness; the future of modern India lies with young political leaders; and India’s growth depends on this new political class. To quote Rahul Bajaj, Chairman, Bajaj Auto; Member of Parliament, India, “From our young sportsmen, our young businessmen, our young politicians, hopefully we are going to have more than one Barack Obama!”


Nidhi Gurnani

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