The Youngest Politicians of the Country

Agatha Sangam, the Youngest MP, representing the Tura Constituency figures among the Youngest Politicians of the Country! Being a woman makes this feat all the more inspiring! This 30 year old, Minister of State for Rural Development is the daughter of P.A. Sangam, a prominent India leader and Politician! She is handling her Constituency with brilliant genius!


Jyotiraditya Scindia, the young scion of the Scindia family is a 40-year-old Minister of State for Commerce and Industry! He represents the Congress as an MP for the Guna Constituency in Madhya Pradesh! He comes from a Royal Political background! His father, Madhavrao Scindia too was a prominent Indian politician and Minister from the Congress party!


Sachin Pilot, the son of the deceased Congress politician and Union Minister Rajesh Pilot, who was also a Squadron Leader in the India Air Force. He is a 33 year old, young and dynamic representative of the Congress in the Ajmer Constituency! His great personality and ability to think according to the pulse of the Country’s youth makes him a Youth’s politician!


Navin Jindal, the young Industrialist and politician who represents the Haryana Constituency of the Indian National Congress is 4th in the list of the youngest politicians of the Country! Hs ability to think as a businessman and as a young entrepreneur simultaneously makes him a definite candidate in Politics! His young age only adds onto his USP!


Priya Dutt, another woman figuring in this list is the daughter of the Late Sunil Dutt! She is currently the representative of the North Central Mumbai Constituency! More than politics, she is greatly involved with social issues especially in the awareness of Brest Cancer among Young Women!

Rahul Gandhi, often touted as the next Prime Minister of the Country, Rahul Gandhi hails from the most powerful Political family of the Country! Politics no wonder is in his genes, however execution of that which he already has, is the talent, which is greatly admired by the Youth of this Country! He has received education from the best schools and colleges in the World, yet his credentials are often kept under the scanner! Irrespective of all the controversies that surround him constantly, this Gandhi scion is the most eligible bachelor of the Country!