The Youth to the Fore

The youth as such is known for its zest and spirit. What was the striking feature of the T-20 World Cup won by India? A cursory glance at the members of the victorious team reflects despite the absence of the cricketing maestros of India, namely, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly, the team comprising of young lads in their youthful twenty’s proved its mettle. They played under the able captaincy of Dhoni, and brought home the coveted world cup. Their game might have lacked experience but did possess the fierce determination. Such is the power of the youth force, ready to strike and ready to conquer.


The south-east Asians are known for their intelligence quotient which surpasses their counterparts. A rising number of Asian students are faring exceptionally well in competitive exams that are conducted abroad. The community of Indian students internationally is exponentially expanding. Parents are taking every effort to fund their overseas education. Thus, Indian students are carving a niche in the global market. The flipside of this seemingly pleasant scenario is that these students do not revert to their homeland once they complete their education. They serve the foreign nationals and earn in foreign currency, the matter of the fact being many of the migrated Indians take pride in conducting this endeavour. This has lead to the famously quoted phenomenon of “Brain Drain”. The purpose of educating oneself is lost when the will to serve a foreign land surpasses the debt owed to the homeland. Many multinationals are coming to India. The Indian market provides colossal profits to international shareholders. It is a globally accepted fact that Indian labour is cheap, or less expensive, to be more polite. Hence, industries are eager to set up their base in India and offer salaries to employees which are considerably higher than the Indian firms. In such a win-win situation, it makes sense to seek employment in a multinational, if not a PSU. This will ensure that the elite minds are retained here; at the same time the taxes paid by these individuals would be generated in the form of national revenue. The country needs dexterous professionals who would plan the best strategies for the enterprise and allow it to flourish. Hence, if we cannot prevent Indian students from taking up jobs in MNCs, we can at least ensure that they contribute to the national economy in a substantial way. So, we can see how one wise decision by the sophisticated, educated and the professional youth can result in a luminous future for the country. If the governmental and private Indian firms are able to provide larger remuneration to our students, we will be successfully able to curb the phenomenon of Brain Drain.


Politics remains one path less treaded by the educated individual. Barring the conventions this year, the ensuing General Assembly Elections saw Gen Next to the fore. The scenario makes you forget the mythical politician clad in a cotton kurta-pyjama and welcome the dynamic and vibrant ‘Neta ’at the forefront. And yes, the candidates this year are no longer from the Nehru and Gandhi dynasties. The celebrated candidates include Supriya Sule, daughter of Congress Party Chief Sharad Pawar, Vishwajeet Kadam, son of revenue minister Patangrao Kadam, besides Rahul Gandhi. Vishwajeet Kadam has emerged as an academician, industrialist and an established social activist. He is contesting for the Sangli seat, while Supriya is contesting from hometown, Baramati. Also in the race is Pranati, daughter of union power minister Sushil Kumar Shinde who is likely to be fielded from Sholapur. She is a young law graduate. This brings to a total of about 25% of the Congress applicants being youths. Hopefully these refreshing figures are able to bring in positive developments.


Another way of serving your country is by joining the civil services. These administrative systems need a redresser and who better than the educated youth? The UPSC exams are the only gateway to get into the most sought after departments in government services, like Indian Foreign Services ( IFS ), Indian Administrative Services ( IAS ), Indian Postal Services and Indian Railway Services to name a few. The youth is unbiased and can refrain from getting involved in corruption. He possesses the strength of character and can deny a bribe. This tendency can give the general public an assurance that the system is not as filthy as they had thought.


The youth has come forward to confront the government and our system many a times. The “jaago re” campaign has been successful in registering a record 1 Billion votes. This year, we have perceived the fervor of elections more vividly. There are students, housewives, regular commuters discussing their preferences for the Prime Minister. More number of people are looking forward to cast their rightful vote.


The socio-political forum created by the IIT alumnus is another venture in which the like-minded youth have come together to make a difference. Students can join this enlightened group and actively contribute to the society.


The youth today is charged up. They have fought for the Jessica Lal murder case. They are pleading the nation to “jaago re”. They are eloquent and possess the power to cure the society of its evils. Their potential is immense and brimming with vigour, waiting to unleash…


Priya Ganesh Amrute

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