The YP Foundation

The Youth Parliament Foundation is a non profit organization founded in 2002, which involves young people in creative, enriching and humanitarian pursuits. It organizes programmes relating to general awareness, AIDS, and current affairs. It includes sub-projects about the Right to Information Act, young people and governance. It is a platform for the youth to not only engage in creative pursuits such as photography, film making and music competitions, but also provides an opportunity to involve themselves in publications, research and social service, which can prove to be a valuable addition to a student’s curriculum vitae.


The Youth Parliament foundation had recently conducted voter-id registration in Bhopal and Chandigarh. Another project that the YP Foundation is involved with is a magazine called The Bridge. Presently, it is focusing on bridging the gap between Afghanistan and India, by way of research and exchange of views on pressing issues. The YP Foundation also associates itself with other student bodies like SPIL (Students for the Promotion of International Law). Thus, it also gets a wider perspective regarding legal issues in the international arena.


The YP Foundation is actively involved in a project called ‘Blending Spectrum’, in which the student volunteers pay a visit every week to street children near Nizammudin in New Delhi, and teach them basic English and other subjects. They play with the street children and the wide smiles on those innocent faces are worth the travel.


The YP Foundation covers almost every aspect of politics, governance and life, including women and sexuality, drug abuse, disaster relief and rehabilitation. Such student-run organizations greatly help in increasing awareness, not only among those who this Foundation reaches out to, but also to the student volunteers as well. Students from different colleges come together and discuss and deliberate on issues and projects which lead to a healthy exchange of information. It also helps in developing talents such as working in a team and truly helps tap your potential by organizing and taking part in challenging projects. The YP Foundation thus solves twin purposes.


We should see it as a duty to help others who are less privileged and needy. What we give to society is what we shall get back. Instead of blaming ‘the system’, it is time that we no longer brush pressing issues under the carpet and come out and confront them. If every educated man or woman works towards educating just one other person, it would make a gigantic difference to the educational crisis that we are faced with today.


Communication is the most powerful instrument to resolve disputes. By cultural and educational exchange programs, we can help broaden our vision and expose ourselves to different viewpoints. Change today, is not only inevitable, but also necessary. The onus is on us, the youth, to ensure that the change is for the better.


Since the youth today is a strong force that is armed not only with self confidence and determination, but is also empowered with knowledge, it is essential that this vibrant and enthusiastic energy is channelised in a constructive manner, which helps the youth in self growth and development, and also the society at large.\


Smita Rajmohan

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