The Beginning of a New Era

eco1.jpgThe year 2008 has begun on a positive note for us Indians and has placed India at an entirely new level in world politics. Sixty years ago, India heralded a new era with the process of Non-Alignment. Today, we are far from being Non-Aligned. Yet, this does not mean we have retraced our policy. It simply means that we have adapted ourselves to the changing world scenario. India has come a long way from being a socialist to a socialist democracy that it is today. The path has been long and tedious. Still the question remains, have we got what we dreamt to achieve?
Multi -part democracy gives the freedom for different parties to exist simultaneously and to practice their freedom of expression. However, this often comes at the cost of hurting the emotional sentiments of a certain sect. Criticisms follow every tiny step taken by those at the helm of power; it is only natural. The 123 agreement created such a furor but not many have realised the importance of the deal. The country has seen it all. Hence, why would it want to stake its own freedom? This is a question which the left party should seriously consider.

The PM has initiated another achievement with his recent visit to China that has ended on a positive note. Bilateral relations have improved and India now has the support of China for a permanent seat in the UN SC. Similarly, our country has hosted several eminent dignitaries this year, with the latest being the visit of Gordon Brown. India is now a rising super power and it can no longer be called just another developing country.
We do have our own fallacies like poverty, illiteracy and hunger, which exist along with development. More often than not, we focus on these issues and overlook our achievements. With our resources and the huge population, we have come a long way. The rising GDP shows our increasing foreign investments abroad and also in the domestic sector. This also means that the economy is ever increasing at a rapid pace. Today, India is an important trading partner for many countries in the world.

India, today, is definitely a force to be reckoned with and certainly not to be overlooked. We have arrived, be it in politics, sports, education or entertainment. Certain fall-outs also accompany these success stories, yet, if we try and put such measures in the right direction, we will soon emerge as a successful player in the game. We have fought and won many battles. In the past, we have fought external enemies. Today, we have our own internal problems to deal with. Ultimately, this means that we just need to bring up efficient players to work with it.

Dipti Tamang