The Beguiling Future

The future, they say, is a dicey proposition

The procrastinating pundits notwithstanding,

Our future arouses a dense mist of apprehension,

Seemingly tyrannized by our present doing

We are credulous fools in the flow of time

Our torch of angst dimly probing the dark lanes

Feebly hoping to thaw the layers of rime

And trying to stop the chauffer less wains

A trifling victory makes it more scintillating

And brighter than the brightest star

A miniscule loss induces a dull foreboding

And makes our destiny further than far.

We hobble along on crutches of karma,

Having fatuous faith in “good reaps good”,

Not realising that future is a fickle giant,

Perniciously misleading more than it should.

It tantalisingly lures gullible men

Into believing in its Omni altruism,

But one should cautiously tread in this fen,

For the faces of future exceed those of a prism.

It is dangerously enticing and paradoxically guileless

Yet it has beheaded kings and enthroned paupers,

It is this style which feeds its savage wildness,

And awes even the greatest conquerors.

Rhishabh Jetley