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College StudentsForget those books for a minute, put away images of unruly long hair and untidy sweatshirts, pause on those college students eagerly discussing Kafka and Dostoevsky, let me tell you what REALLY happens around here…

The day starts in a big rush, I kid you not, on a good day the average college student gets up exactly 10 minutes before class is to start, throws on whatever’s nearby, runs to the Chaiwalla outside college, picks up a cup of hot scalding tea and makes it to class just in time as the door clangs behind.

We sleep through the first class then dash down to the canteen for our morning ritual of samosa and another, more leisurely cup of tea from the canteen. On realising we’re late for second class we rush back, doodle through that, and then go out to our adopted uncle a.k.a. Bhel Uncle who makes the yummiest Bhel Puri ever. The Buntawalla’s cart is strategically placed right next to him because when our tongues explode with all the chillies, we promptly run over and order some lemon fizz.

Next stop is the legendary D – school know for its shady, under the tree canteen and academic atmosphere – mutton dosa is our standard snack. Then we head out to Kamla market which has every thing a foodie can ever want and after extensive research, we’ve found the best it has to offer is Channa Bhature and fresh juice (he actually peels the oranges in front of you and a 300 ml glass is for a cool 10 bucks). With our tummies full and our wallets not entirely empty we can head back for one last afternoon class to snooze through and then head off home to be fed by mom all over again.

Inayat Sabhikhi

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