The Common Man

16898962_7dae82f7b9.jpgRecently, R.K. Laxman was awarded CNN IBN award for lifetime achievement. His wife said that he is a highly emotional man as he was only able to cry loudly when asked to speak a few words.

Indeed, he has made a remarkable contribution in his field of sketching caricatures. A service of sixty years, and still going on. He’s been there and seen  it all, through the Independence, the Nehruvian era, through the iron lady,  her emergency, through the time of liberalization, privatization, globalization, the saffron regime et al.

Every day, the common man has made us laugh, made us smile, cheer on our achievements and also to introspect on the sad affairs of the nation.

The common man has always been dumb. A mute spectator. Has never had his say in anything but only his ear in things.

When is this common man going to change?
When will he speak out?
But again, he wouldn’t be any common man then.

But what if this bold new person typifies the brand new common man of India.
It is a Herculean task of huge proportions, may seem laughable, and impossible to empower, to give voice to the millions of the common folk of this country.
It would be the panacea for all the evils in the country.

So, what do we make of our present common man?
Silence speaks louder than words, someone said. And it does.
The common man is one sagacious person. Showing us where the faults lie, where the irony prevails. He is our eyes which our very own sight tends to overlook.
We salute him for his yeoman services rendered and hope one day, that the common man greets us with a smile every single day.

Nanda Kishore

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