The Future Of Formula-1 in India

narain-helmet3.jpgIndia has always been linked to age-old beliefs and practices and never-ending superstitions and imposing customs. It has been isolated by its traditional thinking and flowing-with-the-rules and trends laid down centuries ago. Well, for all those doubting the aptness of the title given to this article, I would say that it is now that the link becomes evident and the information floated here starts to blend with the motive of this extract. The all-time favorite sport, the religion of the billions of people dwelling in this land of Aryans, the game on which stakes are high, spirits are soaring, attitude is over hyped, the game that spearheads the reputation and glory of a ‘mad’ nation (or at least seems so in the present context), the game of ‘Cricket’ (all those who had to roll their eyes over the magical word before guessing…. Welcome to India!!) seems to have restricted the thoughts and aspirations of the budding athletes of the country.
This is evident from the attention given to the recent victory in A1GP, the first ever victory in the World Cup of Motorsports, lead by Narain Karthikeyan at the Zhuhai circuit. It was a thrilling victory after a stiff competition from the New Zealand counterpart, which merely reduced to a difference of 0.502 seconds in their completion times. But it was nonetheless a well-deserved win with Narain keeping a focused mind and a steady control over his machine for a period of 45 laps. The atmosphere which was full of seriousness with the Kiwi counterpart virtually driving on Narain’s gearbox for a long period of 13 laps finally eroded into an air of celebration. With the coordinated efforts of the dedicated technical support team and Narain himself, India stands at spot 10 on the combined Team standings with Switzerland being the numero uno. Formula1 racing is a fast track, exciting and challenging sport but at the same time involves a lot of investment and technical support. As a matter of fact, each race makes the driver shed off approx 2kgs due to the impact of gravity and enormous acceleration. It is an expensive sport that thrives upon well-laid and maintained tracks, some of the most ‘heavy’ cars (in terms of the engine, differential drive mechanism, and pre-acceleration time) and a smart technical team to sustain the performance of your dream-machine coupled with an inherent passion for speed.
Unfortunately, the wrong mindset of the people, the media and the organizations has bounded the implications of much-diversified word, ”Sports” that has led to an isolated pool of sportsmen. The prime concern in the present arena is to open up the pool of opportunities through the support from the government and Sports committee’s so that this overshadowed sport and others can be gifted with some real talent who can carry forward the name of the country to the next level.

Ishant Arora