The Impulse Behind Actions

success1.gifWe carry out innumerable tasks ever since we step into the world and begin our exploration. Sometimes we chose ourselves the things we do whereas at other times they come with an “Inevitable/Unavoidable” tag. In any case, we discharge our duties and look forward to the things to come. But have you ever wondered why do we perform some tasks better than the rest? Or else why do we feel a sense of satisfaction /pride on completion of some tasks and not all? Well, the reason governing this is that when we undertake a task willingly, we perceive our work as a challenge and proceed with the right blend of enthusiasm and dedication. On doing so, there comes in a spirit of working selflessly, a desire to accomplish the targets that we set, or in other words, an ‘Impulse’ drives our actions.

This is when we do things in a different way, the way they are meant to be, leaving behind the conventional way of doing things i.e., just because they ought to be. This difference can be seen in all walks of life and is the major factor that distinguishes a struggler from an achiever. It can be seen in the life of a student who screws his grades in some subjects while outperforms others in his field of interest. Or, in the working of a team which successfully accomplishes its mission or gives it up to the challenges of the task, or that in the life of a businessman who achieves his vision, or in other case surrenders to the intermediate pitfalls. Well, the connecting link between all these is that when the things are initiated with a positive spark and accompanied with a fighting spirit, the result tends to unveil the determination behind that act, thus taking it to the next level of appreciation.

So, conclusively the things in itself are not tough, unachievable or impossible, its just your approach, your mindset, the zeal with which you face the challenge, the positive energy that you bring in, the spark that initiates your actions that make things turn in your favour or the other way round!!

Ishant Arora