The Inherent Nature of Nature

233523196_a4abdd1b24.jpgWhat is the nature of nature?
What is its inherent quality?

Observing down from the millennia’s of the existence of our world, here on earth, we
conclude that evolution is in its essence. It is on its course, incessantly, to develop and improve what it started out with.

Considering the Big Bang theory, all matter in this universe was one. Given that energy and matter are inter-convertible, no one knows which came first. Since the big bang, the universe as we know has been expanding into the unbounded space. The question of space, as to whether it was present before the big bang, in which case, it would suggest all matter was suspended in it like a huge egg (akin to term brahmandam in Hinduism), is unanswered. Clearly, to find limits to space and matter is beyond one simple theory.

The Earth with life as we know of is relatively recent. What started off as chemicals has now transformed into millions of varieties of what we call life. Just a thought of this long journey of our planet from a hot ball to a place teeming with life gives us a picture of an elaborate complex process- The process of evolution. This process has finally led to the creation of us, the humans.

Now, have we become the nemesis of life itself? Threatening the very future of life with our ever increasing greed. We could afford to ignore the damage we are causing to our fragile eco-systems, as the consequences of it has not yet gained momentum enough to cause a catastrophe.

It is foolishness, but the human psyche looks for solutions only after the damage has occurred. Instead of prevention, it seems we are more inclined to find a cure in the future for what we have done. The melting of the polar caps as an outcome of global warming, which till recently was thought to occur in a few hundred years of time, has now suddenly been fast-forwarded to under a hundred years of time. This is one disaster bound to occur, which surely is going to change the way we knew life.

Another, usually forgotten, intrinsic quality inherent in nature is that of balance. There seems to have been pre-determined a balance in nature, in which it compensates any excess or deficiency. A huge mass of fauna, from insects to herbivores to carnivores, the numbers decreasing exponentially in the respective order, depends on the sun for its existence.

Man, the ultimate stage of evolution, gifted with a high level of intelligence, logical reasoning and the power to think, rules the roost on earth. Since man is not considered man if he does not gratify his desire, he has let greed overpower him, which has led to indiscriminate exploitation of the earth’s resources.

Along with this over-exploitation, it is accompanied with discharge of harmful waste products and effluents which are bound to phase out life gradually. This is where I wish to examine the quality of balance in nature.

We, no doubt have upset the equilibrium, but, can it be that this is a natural course of the evolution of nature?

Considering nature itself as the ultimate dictator of life, ‘it’ must have foreseen or expected what we humans would eventually end up as and bring up doomsday upon ourselves.

So, in ‘it’s’ master plan, I am expecting two options or possibilities:
to allow man to continue his ‘spoilt brat’ attitude, or,
To issue forth an opposite force to halt further destruction by man.

The former may well lead to annihilation of life, which may itself be a part of the ‘master plan’. The latter could be brought about my man itself. If man can cause so much destruction, there may be another one, who would want to restore back the quintessence of nature. So, here we see the balance point of view sprouting up. (Though the anti-destructive man is still to be overtly successful, there always remains a possibility)

I think my tendencies are towards the anti-destructive type, but being an inherently indolent Indian, I wouldn’t bother much. For, I didn’t ask for life, am just swimming along, and am quite sure, what created us, knows whether to continue, or to put a full stop. And start over yet again?

Nanda Kishore

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