The Internal Strife of Mr. President General

musharraf1.jpg In Pakistan the year 2007 will be remembered for reasons other than it being the 60th year of its independence. It has indeed been a very eventful year and the security situation in the country is as fragile as ever.

Pakistan President who so far looked to please the

US did exactly the opposite, when he declared emergency and sacked Chief Justice Ifthikar Chaudhary . He justified his action on the grounds that the judiciary needed to be ‘cleansed’ and once that’s done the emergency would be lifted and elections would be held. This very act of his and the premise for doing it contradicts the principles of democracy, since the judiciary is usually believed to be the upholder of democracy in any democratic state. Clearly, the General appears to have personal differences with the judiciary as it is the only body that repeatedly challenged his dual role as President and Army Chief. The General is certainly having a hard time renouncing either of these powerful posts. Presidency clearly hasn’t the smooth ride that Musharraf thought it would be when he took over in 1999. For one, he never thought 9/11 would happen and that one day he would have to choose between helping the mighty Americans along with whom came alluring economic and defense deals and helping the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban with whom he allegedly shared a rather cordial relationship with, at that time. He managed to get out of this sticky situation by agreeing to help the Americans in the war on terror and also harbour Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants in his country. However his allegiance to the

US did not win him any friends among the Islamist fundamentalists who have now turned against him. Their threat is not minor and frequent attempts to assassinate the General and growing number of terror strikes prove that the judiciary is not the only worry for the General. The General had a friend in the

US, but now after the emergency the

US too is pushing him harder than ever to hold elections. Musharraf has put himself in a very pitiable situation and a way out of this is nowhere in sight.
The future of

Pakistan is at its unpredictable best. According to a report by the

US government,

Pakistan will be “Talibanised” by the next decade. With reports of pro-Taliban militants already taking over parts of central

Pakistan, the talibanisation of the country is very much possible. The President is unpopular with all sections of people and his survival at the top is most certainly coming to an end.