The “Kar-NATAKA” Curry

devegowda_248w.jpgPolitics in Karnataka in one line: “Too many cooks burnt the broth.” Karnataka has seen three different governments over the past 40 months. Last month was the 2nd time it underwent President’s rule with in a shocking time span of 2 months. That, by the way, is just a preview to the actual political ruckus prevalent in the state. The politics in Karnataka has hit such an all time low, that it has put UP politics to shame. But then again politics will be politics, ready to unmask its ugly face anytime, anywhere, be it UP or Karnataka.

The parliament gave a unanimous approval to the Presidential Proclamation on imposition of Article 356 in Karnataka, paving the way for the dissolution of the State Legislative Assembly. Home Minister Shiv Raj Patil moved the resolution on the proclamation in the parliament and told both the houses that the situation in Karnataka was not conducive for the formation of a government. And the Central Government intended to dissolve the Legislative Assembly and hold fresh elections at the earliest.

This decision was taken by the Central Government in the wake of the collapse of the week-old BJP led government when the coalition partners JD(S) withdrew its support. With a heated political scene in Karnataka the Central Government decided to accept the recommendations of Governor Rameshwar Thakur to impose president’s rule since political stability in the state is no longer a luxury.

Former Indian Prime Minister and JD(S) supremo Deve Gowda was stormed at in the Lok Sabha for being “power hungry” and was labeled as a “betrayer”. It is alleged that Deve Gowda pulled the plug from the coalition to strike a deal with the Congress in order to form a coalition government. Congress however, left him high and dry. All an emotional Deve Gowda could muster in his defence was repeated claims of not being power hungry and the fact that the people of Karnataka would decide that for themselves in the fresh elections.

Meanwhile the Congress did not bog down to blame BJP for the state of affairs. It openly declared that it was BJP’s “lust for power” that has brought about this situation when it went into coalition with the JD(S) despite the 12 impossible-to-meet-terms set by Deve Gowda. And the result of such a deal would have resulted in nothing but the present scenario. Hopefully, the entire issue of “Kar-NATAKA” or “do the drama” in this case the drama of politics, has ended.

Vijay Krishna