The Silver Orb

The sun was sinking

Deeper and deeper

Into the horizon

She watched quietly

Her eyes widening…

Then narrowing…

Finally closing…

In fear

Night was falling

The darkness

Was spreading



Then, swiftly

The silver orb

Shed its guise

And bared its cruel teeth

No sun to blind its eyes

The silver orb

Now ruled the skies.

Her eyes, still closed

Her hands clutching

Something in the air

The pain began to build

Tearing her flesh…

Tingling her veins…

Searing her soul…

The silver orb

Came to her window

She let out a wail

The pain was gone

As suddenly

As it had come

She was free

She went out

Into the open, unbound

And leaving behind

Paw prints in the mud

Nimmy Chacko