The Tale of Two Poets

Every King has his kingdom

and every kingdom has its best.

But in the land of Fidzara

two poets sought to be blest.

Every man and every child had chosen

but the women couldn’t agree

“Each artist’s art is unique”, they said

“regardless of birth, status or pedigree”.

The King was ailed by this

and had to stop other conquests.

He never thought he will have to decide

until his people flooded him with requests.

He sought the advice of the wise fool

who asked him to call both to court.

There would be the ultimate battle of titans

and the winner would truly prove his forte.

When that glorious day dawned at last

the two poets appeared before the King.

The gates of the palace were thronged with people

their songs and cheers to this day ring.

The King looked almost with envy

at the two stalwarts who had shaken his peace.

“Why the trouble both of you have caused

would surprise even the Emperor of Greece.”

Readers, now be introduced

to these two great men of Fidzara.

Both of them sat before the King that day

one was called Bitz and the other Zockara.

Zockara was dressed in peasants’ clothes

for indeed that was who he was.

He knew the heat of the summer

and the hunger which gnaws.

Bitz, sat in his aristocratic attire

surprised at the man who had dared

To challenge his obvious and complete supremacy

soon, his foolishness wouldbe bared.

“My men, I will present you a subject

and you must put pen a poem down.

I shall judge the better poem

and give its poet the Golden Crown.”

“Cesandra”, he called out

and out of the room to his right

Appeared an angel of mystic beauty

a golden cocoon of simmering light.

“Here is my daughter”, the King announced

and the one who writes her a fitting tribute.

Shall not only be the better poet

but I will give him a greater salute.

Bitz looked at her appraisingly

And noted the elegance and the grace

But Zockara saw her as a divine form

He soared in wonder and his heart raced.

For days at end the two men laboured

one wrote with his striking mind and a silver pen

The other strove to subdue his fluttering heart

every time he entered Cesandra’s den.

The awaited day finally arrived

when they handed in their creations.

The King read them with a solemn face

and declared, “It was easier than I imagined”.

“Undoubtedly, Bitz is the better poet

give him his diamond band.

And in addition, I declare

that he has won my daughter’s hand.

There were tears of joy and great delight

the duel of wits had been won.

Then the great union in majestic glory,

the best poet and the princess became one.

The wise fool was the only man

who understood the true story.

Amidst the joyous celebrations, he visited Zockara

and found him broken-hearted and gory.

“My man”, he told him frankly

“don’t let that talent come under glove”

“You had the talent and the skill

but you made a mistake-you fell in love.”

Ipshita Ghosh