The US Games

The US Presidential Elections are doing the rounds of several major global news channels since quite some time now. Large amount of speculations and predictions have constantly been made regarding the future of the Nation. It’s obviously not something out of the box to expect that when the government of the most ‘powerful nation’, the epitome of the human success; is going to undergo a change. The new face of the government may go on to live the legacy inherited of being able to dictate terms in every sphere of international relations; even though keeping aside the conscience of howsoever the issue might be related/ unrelated to the nation’s interest.

It thus goes without a doubt, that thence the election procedure of the country be as transparent and inclusive of its citizens as possible; considering the fact that unlike the still developing nations, America follows a different form of Democratic elections. It comes to the onlookers as a very intelligent and scrupulous process as the contestants actually go to every province and engage in open house debates and discussions over their agenda and refute opponents on the possible loop holes in their otherwise complacent and exaggerated manifestos. An implicit assumption that underlines the entire process is that the citizens are lured by ‘subtle persuasion skills’ of the contestants and their utilisation of powerful oratory skill to get an upper hand over their rivals rather than just judging the contestants solely basing their judgements on the practical feasibilities of the spelled out manifestos and the conviction to complete it.

A fact to think about that is that the ‘First Citizen’; the ‘most powerful citizen’ of the world can actually be decided on some loose grounds by heads and brains which have and can often be the prey to mass hoardings by just accepting the conformity pressure of the fellow people. Powerful oratory and credibility factors have been used as efficacious tools to sway large mobs of people to favour. Time and again there have been evidences to the fact that very unpredictable results have sprouted up which have been quite contrary to what an expected result might have been considering the heavy shouldering of responsibility that the seats might have entailed.

A famous case was that of the surprising yet overwhelming defeat of millionaire Jack McMullen by Fred Tuttle, an old and arthritic man with quite a few other impeding ailments by a whooping margin of thousands of votes in the Vermont Republic primary for the U.S. Senate in the 1998. The earlier predictions however, could not get any clear results about the victor in the procedure of this election. The further analysis of the process actually boiled down to the fact that Fred Tuttle was hailing from the same province of Vermont for which they were contesting and had that sweet yet identifiable charm of a father figure who could make people believe in him. The personal relevance and identifiability was strong enough for the people to choose someone as elderly and suffering from so many hindering ailments over a person who had spent about thousands of dollars just on his bid and had all the sources of affluence.

In fact, this issue of public mass persuasion using subtle yet overpowering techniques are used in every form of elections, be it for selecting the President of an institution or a representative of some governing body or perhaps something as huge as the Presidential elections of the Nation. Even in India, the contesting politicians go to their respective constituencies to spell out their agendas in order to get the support and the trust of the people of the respective province. Lot of this is actually based on the speaker’s ability to persuade the masses to believe in him, keeping aside the rational thinking, if that anywhere impedes their success also. But, when it comes to the deciding of the fate of a country like America which self-professedly is the guiding father and statistically also is the shelter for quite a many battered and ‘developing’ nations’, things might be risky. Thus, the entire process of debating in the public actually is very alluring considering the fact that it is followed in the nation where it is assumed that the people are very sensible and have the rationality to judge take decisions. It thus, gives a food for thought that ultimately the difference between the nations still in the formative stages of development and the super powers; all ultimately bank on the same vulnerable human faculties for making the most important of the decisions. The elite education and the privileged lot of the people in these countries also are actually standing on pretty much the same precarious grounds as everywhere else that demand public consensus for reaching at important decisions.

Thus, with this insight it’s worth a thought that the future of the world politics and international relations may be steered on some very skewed and biased perceptions. So, time to watch out for our dear Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain. Maybe they can and have been using these nuances of intelligent understanding of the otherwise complex human psyche!!

Arpita Chakraborty

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