The Viewspaper Internship for Writers

The Viewspaper Internship is a unique “work-from-home” online programme designed for those who are studying in schools, colleges or young professionals working in various companies to come together and benefit from this Internship.

The online Internship is a programme which you can do from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Our editorial team interacts with the Interns via email, chat and phone helping them out with various assignments and difficulties faced during the Internship.

The Viewspaper aims at giving the youth a platform to voice their opinions. The interns will be given an opportunity to participate in this mutual learning process, where they will be able to hone their writing skills. The interns will be guided through various stages of the internship. They will be issued assignments which will be an amalgamation of various topics that will help them grow as a writer and help them express themselves better.

At the successful completion of the internship, each intern will be given a letter of work experience and a detailed evaluation certificate highlighting the areas the intern needs to focus on based on grading on various parameters.

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